Can I make magahol with 97% rubbing alcohol?


Can I make magahol with 97% rubbing alcohol? Stopped drinking 6 years ago don’t want any consumable alcohol anywhere near me! Makes me nervous to tempt fate…

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Answers ( No )

  1. Rubbing alcohol is poison

  2. Laura, even though I have nevr been an alcoholic, I am glad that you have been able to get help. Have you tried magnesium chloride spray (whether it's homemade or storebought.)

  3. No to rubbing alcohol….. options are water or Aloe vera gel.

  4. OK thank you everyone

  5. If you're worried about the smell of potable alcohol triggering an addiction, then magahol isn't right for you. Other options are mag oil and mag lotion.

  6. Have mag. Oil and. It is amazing! My muscles start contracting I spray it on n rub in and the relief is almost instant! I just assumed that possibly the magahol would be more absorbable. I have to use the oil about every 2 hours. So trying to find something more effective!

  7. New learning as u go sorry

  8. Yes, just use magnesium oil. Don't risk it. Ancient Minerals makes a good one that lasts a long time.

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