Can I put Epsom salt in kiddie pool?


Can I put Epsom salt in kiddie pool?? Will it dissolve the plastic? They play in there for hours, I figured they might as well get some mag

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Answers ( No )

  1. I can't see why not.

  2. I have – takes longer to dissolve in cool water it seems

  3. Put in baking soda & borax too! 🙂

  4. I'd maybe dissolve it in warm water and then add it in.

  5. Epsom salt will not dissolve the plastic. And, yours is a great idea.

  6. If you add these things then keep emptying the pool in the same spot it will kill the soil after a while.

  7. I do that in the warmer months. In a glass jar mix hot water, epsom salts & bicarb so it dissolves than pour it in the pool water:D

  8. does Epsom salt draws toxins out or you only absorb Mg and S at the same time?!

  9. I was told epsom salt baths should only be about 20-30 mins long. Is it okay to stay in there for hours? And is it okay for more than one kid to be there at the same time? Sorry I'm so new I had never even heard of Epsom salt before this group 😀

  10. That's such a good idea! If it's sunny here today, I'm going to add the magic 3 to our paddling pool too.
    Interesting what you say, MJ Hampstead. Our septic tank field is utterly lush and incredibly fertile too!

  11. we put epsom salt in water play and have doen for years I always make it warm anyway and I add it to play dough too

  12. I dissolve it first in hot water in a glass jar and tgen add it to the kiddie pool, water play table etc 🙂

  13. Does the Epsom salt draw out toxins too ? I'm in another fb group and they were talking about if you use Epsom salt you want to be taking a lot of vitamin c and cod liver oil to flush out the toxins and heavy metals that the salt draws out so it doesn't settle in another part of your body . But they were also talking about using bentonite clay as well so I may have it mixed up :/ just wondering because I want to do the same with my kiddos today in the pool

  14. I feed differnet ares of the grass or store the water in a tank to water later

  15. Yes you can! and then pour it on the yard for a nice healthy fertilizer!!!

  16. Good idea.. But Would it hurt the eyes? If splashed?

  17. Zipper spider is my favorite spider.

  18. dont get in the eyes tho it will burn bad

  19. What about the plastic from the kiddie pool? Would t that also absurd through to their little bodies slog with the mag etc

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