Can I take magnesium if I have a thyroid problem?


I am new to this group but someone recommend you guys. I have a question can I take magnesium if I have a thyroid problem. I take synthroid every day. Also is there any supplements i should stay away from when tanking magnesium? I bough the natural vitality calm one.

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  1. Jamie- bodies 'get' thyroid problems when Magnesium is low and adrenals are not well supported.

    See this page for what depletes Magnesium.

  2. The recommendations of the group owner are here

  3. MJ Hamp i do the epsom foot bath almost every day. and i aslo do the detox bath with baking soda once a week but a friend said i also needed a supplement. but there was so much stuff out there i was so confused. do you happen to know if i can do any of this the supplements and the footbath if i get pregnant?

  4. Pregnancy has a higher need for Magnesium and other minerals. Get the recommended testing done and then you will have a plan to rebalance you both and have an easier pregnancy.

    There are many earlier threads that you may find interesting. Just search this page.

  5. I'm hypothyroid and magnesium took away my body aches, and awful headaches. (I'm on Armour.)

  6. MJ Hamp i will thank you,

  7. Magnesium has helped with aches and sleeping at night and I take a compounded thyroid med 😉

  8. MJ Hamp is always so helpful. 🙂

  9. Thank you guys for the good advice.

  10. It helps me!

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