Can I use herbs or supplements safely during chemotherapy?


I get asked this question all the time, so I looked it up and here’s the answer. Can I use herbs or supplements safely during chemotherapy?
Most herbs and dietary supplements have not been studied together with chemotherapy drugs and their interactions remain unclear. Many oncologists advise their patients to avoid these products during chemotherapy.

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  1. we spent a lot of money etc & found this out but try to share with others.I V C cured the farmer in New Zealand with swine flu , look at the utube video.

  2. I use non GMO products to make it. swanson sunflower lecithin, pure ascorbic acid. hope i don't get kicked out of this group!

  3. I have a standard rule by which i believe health and treatment go hand in hand with. If its organic it is just like us and for us. If its processed, it wasnt meant to go inside our body.

  4. every1 should be taking this!! we haven't had colds, flu etc. our Dr told us about this so now we save 1200 a month & he lost our business!

  5. now i make liposomal c 6-8 times more potent. bypasses stomach. strait to cells, builds immune system & kills cancer cells. cheaper!

  6. Jairod Roeder intravenous vitamin c

  7. My husband had cpd & emphysema so give him oreganol & olive leaf for muscous. Takes a ton of supplements. FOS, hydrogen power.

  8. Hey whats iv c? Not ringing any bells.

  9. I know a kid who cured his chrones disease with oregano oil!

  10. Oregano oil is multiple times more powerful than any crap, chemical ridden prescription one might get for an antibiotic.

  11. People have cured their cancer with moringa tree, soursop and rick simpson oil as well as a few other super foods.

  12. IV C does kill cancer cells & build immune system! My husband did 2 a wk for 2 1/2 yrs+ UBI lite & ozone & chelation.

  13. From what I figured out, herbs don't really kill cancer cells, it's that they supercharge the immune system so it can kill the cancer cells. FTW!

  14. Its the immune system chemo kills that kills the person not cancer!!

  15. I hav friends that got all the supplements etc , went to oncologist & asked so they were told no so they wouldn't do them. sad when Dr said the most with that stage 4 cancer they gav any1with chemo was 1 1/2 yrs & was very few!

  16. People are nuts. They wait for some authority figure to tell them how to live life.

  17. I even had a few people with only 3 to 6 months to live and they told me they will use my herbs but only if their MD says it's OK. WTF!!!!

  18. You see, MD's don't know anything about herbs and they didn't study them. But people think they got to ask their MD if they can use them. 😛

  19. People will only do what their MD says to do though. =[

  20. I would cut the chemo out of the diet. Expensive way to die.

  21. As far as the herbs go. That would be like asking, is it safe to eat apples while on chemo?

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