Can increasing potassium cause a detox reaction?


Can increasing potassium cause a detox reaction? Morley advised supplementing potassium gluconate x4 daily. I had two yesterday plus adrenal cocktail etc and am feeling headachey plus increased urination during the night. Thanks

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  1. Headache can mean you need more sodium. Are you taking Mg too? There was a point where I had to really increase my sodium intake (beyond the cocktails and what I put on food).

  2. Since this relates to potassium, I was just listening to The Calcium Lie and Dr. Thompson says, "if you know you have low sodium, you pour it on; if you have high calcium, you avoid it." My question is I have high calcium but very, very low sodium. A) do you take or avoid? And 2) does the imbalance of sodium/potassium cause not only frequent urination but the urgency too?

  3. Good question, I'd like to know too.

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