Can mag def express itself as rage in a 12-yr old boy?


Can mag def express itself as rage in a 12-yr old boy? My friend’s nephew has been admitted to a psychiatric hosital for outbursts of anger. They aredosing him up on anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds & i’m thinking its just tween hormone surges & probly nutritional deficiencies or trace mineral deficiencies–perhaps thyroid? It makes me nauseous to think of this poor boy in that place being pumped full of drugs. Thinking about sharing this page with the mom but if its tot NOT this, i dont wanna give her false hope. They are very trusting of allopathic medicine so theyd probly just roll their eyes at me anyway. But…..what if…..?

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  1. Look into PANDAS.

  2. Magnesium plus copper and iron dysregulation.

  3. Worth doing blood test to rule out deficiency. But be warned pending on how,they are they might not be ready to hear advice in the mix of current on goings

  4. Copper excess…

  5. hes at a hormone raging age .. and prob a growth spurt .. poor kid needs minerals and vitamins .. not drugs

  6. Gluten and salicylates cause mood changes

  7. I know, Lark Rafuse, i know 🙁

  8. Maybe find out what 12 year old boy has possibly been taking behind his parents back…. I'm sorry and I'm certainly not being rude but I was in this situation three years ago with my now 16 year old… She was repeatedly running away from home and hanging out with street kids abd getting stoned… on what I'll never know… Her behaviour was thru the roof crazy to the point where I had to ring the police a few times to calm down her wild tantrums.. good luck

  9. Food allergies and intolerances, thyroid, nutritional deficiencies, can all contribute. I also think not enough sleep and too much screen time effects teens/preteens.

  10. Check out sue dengate fail safe…it may be a food intolerance. My son is naughty and more than the usual ADD symptoms if he eats grapes and glutamates. He is low in mag also.

  11. Is he on any seizure meds?

  12. Def food intolerances, amines and salicylates.

  13. I would look into anything alternative to avoid him having those psychiatric medications. Im saying that having worked in mental health as well.

  14. But the psychiatric system (in uk anyway) won't look into alternative causes eg hormones and nutrition. They only treat the symptoms. If you said any of this to a psychiatrist they would probably dismiss it. I reckon that the mother would have to take the boy to a functional Dr or do it alone to explore these alternatives.

  15. Check PANDAS/PANS. Gwnetic statis for MTHFR and others like MAO.

  16. Mensah medical or here for Htma and labs.

  17. Water damaged building or home? Those with mould illness report "mold rage" and other neuro/behavioual symptoms. Apparently mold exposure (I assume like many external stressors) tanks magnesium. Read Dr. Janette Hope's article available on line for some basic info. "Mechanism of Illness and Treatment…"

  18. Also tick infections can cause rage.

  19. Was he recently vaccinated??

  20. Could also be bacteria imbalance.

  21. Michelle English look into PANS and PANDAS and have him tested for Strep via blood titers and culture (not rapid Strep). Many of these 'mental patients' actually have infections causing the behavior.

  22. There are a few good PANDAS groups on Fbook

  23. Can't rule out mold either. Cronic exposure can cause anger, anxiety, depression, fatigue, skin issues, etc…..

  24. Check out

  25. Reaction to food dyes?

  26. The saddest part of what you share is that the doctors in the psychiatric facility WILL NOT find the cause. They have no interest in eliminating the cause, but they are trained to TREAT THE SYMPTOMS. There are numerous possible causes and many have thrown out possibilities. Good health comes from a process of elimination and of course treating the body properly with a healthy diet. The lack of vital vitamins and minerals so often is what prevents any foundation for healing. If this mother can start with a food diary and clean, organic one ingredient foods, supplemented with high quality vitamins and minerals she can possibly begin on the path of recovery for her child. Reading Harvard trained psychiatrist, Dr. Breggin's books can be enlightening. Addressing a low thyroid is most definitely paramount. Unfortunately psychiatric drugs will only worsen an already bad scenario, further depleting the body of nutrients and possibly causing other diseases such as GERD, liver disease, diabetes and psychiatric issues not present before medication. The damage that will be further done may interfere with this young boy ever returning to normal. I beg of you to share any and all information you can with this mother. I have been a nurse for almost 40 years and I have two boys who have suffered immensely from the pharmaceutical world, from drugs you would think would be very safe. It is too late for them, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to educate others, especially parents, who want only the very best for their precious treasued children. Parents against Pharmaceutical Abuse

  27. I couldnt agree more, Anne Williams. The whole family 100% trusts the system & they r very meek–wont ask questions, wont argue, dont realize THEY r in charge of this ride. its very, very upsetting to observe. my biggest fear is that this poor child, doped up on all these mind-altering drugs, will kill himself. we r seeing younger & younger kids commit suicide in this country & my unsubstantiated theory is that they were on psychiatric drugs (for ADD, ADHD, ODD, etc). its just so so sad to me.

  28. so sorry to hear my heart goes out to you. Hope you get answers!!

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