Can mag glycinate cause some side effects?


Hello, Can mag glycinate cause some side effects ? Thank you.

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Answers ( No )

  1. If you take too much. I just got back from a specialist and he flat out told me its good for your body. We lack alot of this element.

  2. I only take 500 mg

  3. Glycinate amino acid that's bound to magnesium to help make the magnesium better used by the body. It does this by increasing its absorption in your small intestine, enhancing the uptake of magnesium into your blood stream. Everyone is different so it's best to start of slow and at low dosages. Magnesium is extremely safe and vital to the body. But yes…everything consumed has the possibility of causing unwanted side effect in the body as your body adjusts to it.

  4. Like what kind of side effects are you curious abouts?

  5. MJ Hampstead—clincial signs of fatigue, sleepiness, lack of energy—I may need malate in the a.m. and glycinate in the pm, just so very tired. Will have consult with Morley soon—but would like to know the "down side" symptoms of glycinate—time to buy more and may need to try something else. ;-0

  6. Some do poorly on the glycine part.

  7. Mabye I missed the answer to my question, sorry if I did, Please someone answer who really knows. QUESTION: What are the precise clinical signs and symptoms if a person does not do well on mag glycinate/glycine????

  8. I just added the adrenal cocktail to see if I can balance out some of the side effects I'm getting on the glycinate. I've been getting heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, lower end on blood pressure and resting heart rate.

  9. Jolene I have been getting heart palpitation too but high Bp

  10. The palpitations didnt start until I started the glycinate

  11. Candace – Sneed Studebaker.
    Here is a link I found that might help. Its for a group one can join to discusses the affects of taking Glycinate.

  12. Surprised no one from Admin answered—thank you Win Konijn, I hope the link will answer my question—it's not a challenging question.

  13. Win Konijn and Cheri Harkness, MJ Hampstead—good info on the link Win, but still no answer to my question.

  14. Ruth Lanton–you stated some people don't do well on glycine can you please give specific symptoms???

  15. I've been googling a long time but really don't find anything specific. Glycine is an amino acid added to Magnesium . Maybe it's the brand or fillers?

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