Can magnesium protect you from sunburn?


I have an odd question….. I was outside mowing, in the heat of the day, temps around 100°, I was wearing a strapless shirt, and no sunblock. I’m very fair complected, and could feel the heat on my skin. I should have been a lobster. But I didn’t burn at all. It was freaky, if not miraculous. The only thing I can figure is that either the Magnesium I take or the Kombucha I drink is doing something to protect my skin from sun damage. So, my question is, can magnesium protect you from sunburn??

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  1. Coconut oil ingested helps you tan rather than burn. I believe it has some of the same properties as PABA.

  2. What is PABA?

  3. Pretend you're in Fiji or Tahaiti and slather your insides and outsides with coconut oil.

  4. I am 6.2 MAG RBC probably higher by now and eat 50% fats. I burn like a fried lobster. I think it is likelier due to skin type C levels or something else like overall antioxidant levels or low inflammation.

  5. Kellymarie Abrahms-Barr, we can mark low inflammation off the list. I am, sadly, very much overweight, with my share of swelling and aches and pains (I'm still on my health journey).

  6. Maybe the Kombucha, with all its probiotic, gut-healing goodness is working together with magnesium to protect my skin. All I know is that those are the only consistent differences. 🙂

  7. I drink Kombucha everyday too. I wish I knew how to prevent burns.

  8. I wish I knew the answer for you Kellymarie Abrahms-Barr!!

  9. i haven't read the thread so i donpt know whats been discussed, but do you also take B vitamins? Or more particularly B6? It can prevent sunburn

  10. I couldn;t find the exact source where I read about B6 and sunburn prevention. It's been quite a while ago, but this article is interesting. It talks about antioxidants beta carotene, vit c and vit e being good for sunburn protection as well as B6

  11. My guess is: Getting your nutrients squared away helps many things, not the least of which is that it allows your body to utilize fatty acids +fat soluble vits/ hormones (vit D, etc) more efficiently so you are less likely to burn! Good for you! Be well!

  12. B6 is a cofactor of Magnesium, making it work better in the cells.
    Magnesium is the cofactor of B6, helping it play better with the other Bs in the cells.
    So, all roads lead back to Magnesium! 🙂

  13. MJ Hamp would you recommend an amount of B6 and a brand please…

  14. B vitamins are made in the gut by healthy gut bacteria…..maybe that is why kombucha helps?

  15. After taking mag and healthy fats for the last year I have a tan for the first time ever.

  16. Remember when you eat real food you obtain the vitamins like A, C, some E, even D. These are antioxidants and help us be more resistant to sunburn.

  17. Morley advises us to take 25 to 50mg of B6, as part of the whole B complex, daily.

  18. Mag oil took the sting out of my burn, but I was still red. I have fair skin and red hair, so Im very familiar with sunburns. This is the first time I wasnt in pain for days on end. Gotta be the mag.

  19. Dorothy Cason, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Lots of freckles on my shoulders from years of burns.

  20. I've read that if vit D levels are where they should be then you won't get as sunburned.

  21. Shannon, that's interesting ^^^

  22. Weston A Price is a store or a brand? In what country?

  23. A man. And now a foundation.

  24. My skin tolerates sun better with lots of iodine and mag

  25. Speaking of iodine…..MJ Hamp, would iodine meant for animals (for applying to teats before milking) be safe for applying transdermally for humans?

  26. It's definately the magnesium….I would get burn in 20 mins and panic if I didn't have sunscreen with me. My skin is soooo much better now.

  27. I started the Astaxanthin Feb of 2014. Play tennis 3-4 days a week in a tropical climate. No sunburn since. That was before I took any mag.

  28. Do u take the astaxsnthin every day?

  29. Coconut oil can. Take internally – increases pigment and use on the skin.

  30. I was on a boat for a month in the sun everyday. I used coconut oil every day, I never burned. I took 30 drops of Ion Mag a day.

  31. Oh, I also use coconut oil for cooking!

  32. For those interested, there are many recipes and utube clips about how to use coconut oil in coffee. I know, coffee is a no no but I have a cup in the morning!

  33. Who says that coffee is a non-no! Perish the thought!

  34. I can see it in my minds eye! Visiting together, drinking coffee, making beef stock, eating eggs sunny side up, harvesting stinging nettle, and having Kale for dinner! Which other guest might we invite ?

  35. Win Konijn, don't forget the Kombucha drinkers and those who eat fermented foods. 🙂

  36. Might introduce you all to Gouda cheese with cumin seeds!

  37. Our dinner will also include a nice rib steak grilled slightly charred and very rare along with a huge side of Pesto Genovese…. basil in all its glory.

  38. Okay! On the beach walking through the water and harvesting some kelp! The tide is in!

  39. Say Amen to the ocean !

  40. WOW…… dinner treat for sure.

  41. MJ Hamp It's loaded right now! I've never used it fresh form the ocean with exception of draping my granddaughter in it!
    How would you prepare it? I thought of drying it and incorporate it into my artwork!

  42. Boy, that's like a fast food restaurant, isn't it?

  43. Wrap your body in it and cover with plastic for an hour. Then bathe. You've just had a $200.00 seaweed wrap at a fancy spa!

  44. I would dry it and use it in cooking like any other green. It is so very nutritious.

  45. Wash it first?

  46. Ha, just noticed the other post! Ya, I'll take it home and use it and drape it over me!

  47. I should get off my iPhone and honour where I am! One more joke though! What is Mother Nature trying to teach us! Look at this crop! It's promising, or?

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