Can one overdo Mag?


Can one overdo Mag? Is there such a thing as Mag toxicity? Symptoms?

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  1. When your sliding into home and your pants are full of foam…

  2. Never heard of toxicity related to mag but some varieties can give you loose bowels if you take too much, it's your body telling you it doesn't need that high of a dose, it's flushing out what it won't use.

  3. When you're rounding into first and you feel it start to burst…

  4. If you take magnesium carbonate (like Natural Calm), it turns into citrate with water and will flush out of your system if you take too much. Citrate is what you take to clean out your bowels before a colonoscopy 😉

  5. No, it's not toxic. Just causes diarrhea sometimes. Magnesium malate is better that way, for me.

  6. My Nauropath took me off of it for a short time because it was making my blood pressure too low.

  7. Cathy Reaves Warren – how low did your blood pressure go? what is your Magnesium RBC value? That should be a determining factor. To increase blood pressure, increase unrefined salt.

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  9. My shrink just told me you can over dose on mag. I asked the same question here yesterday but my post kinda went astray, will be following yours to see if I get any answers. I should have asked her what the symptoms were but I honestly don't think she would know.

  10. Co factor for magnesium are needed. Maybe they said overdose, when they really should have said imbalance.?

  11. When you're running into second, and your bowels begin to beckon…..

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  12. Since magnesium can help control moods and lessen anxiety and depression for some- I would think a Psychiatrist wouldn't want you taking it cause you may not need their services anymore LOL

  13. When you truly understand how Magnesium works you will be able to listen to your body and know if you need it – plus if you need sodium or potassium to balance yourself. It's VERY important to read and then reread the files they've gotten together for us on this group – so it makes sense to you. There is SO much great info on them do yourself a favor and read them – even if you don't like to read!!!!

  14. Big time nausea and vomiting, headache, with mag overload.

  15. Thank you Stacy Grant.

  16. I've been reading the files – it's just so much to remember!!!

  17. Can i read the files using a Samsung tablet. …dont know how

  18. Jill Monk – use a browser instead of an FB app and you should be able to access FILES and PHOTOS.

  19. Thanks for that….just have to work out what a browser is Will get my daughter to sort me out tonight

  20. Rounding third on the hit, your pants fill with sh–….

  21. Thank you for the side bar comments. I just had the best laugh of the day!

  22. Me too!! I was cracking up! Totally made my day!

  23. We give 1-2 Gms (1000 mg) an hour IV to moms with preeclampsia and monitor their serum mag levels every 6 hours for toxicity. It can happen with IV mag sulfate and cause respiratory depression and death, although I've never seen it happen. Can't imagine oral or transdermal ever causing toxicity.

  24. Melissa Pawley x3Cbig laugh>

  25. Cautionary if renal/kidney dysfunction/dialysis etc. Usually your bowels will let you know first (lol)

  26. Find file in how to restore mag. Read about cofactors for mag.

  27. I just had to…..

  28. Well…looks like we covered ALL the bases now! Lol

  29. Such a feel good movie! That fam is just as f'd up and dis functional as my clan! lol

  30. Too much can make you waste sodium and potassium. It can apparently be hard on the adrenals if you have weak adrenals, I guess because it would require them to make more aldosterone.

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