Can raynauds progress and get worse?


I have a question. Hoping some of you can answer. I’m so sick of Drs appointments. I should take a pic of my hands now just being outside with the dogs for literally 5 minutes.
Can raynauds progress and get worse? I’ve had this since about 12 years old. I’m 46 now. Back then nobody knew what it was.
Lately I’m freezing to my core. My feet I cannot warm up unless I’m in bed sleeping.
But my Lips are now turning Blue. My daughter and I were in the car the other day and she said your lips are blue! I looked in the mirror and they were!!!!!
This is new. Never has happened before. Anyone???

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  1. I just started getting this right before Christmas and my doctor told me that one of the things that helped her diagnose me so quickly was that I was showing her pictures of the color changes.

  2. Yes. Raynaud's can affect the nose, lips and ears.

  3. My nose is affected as well as my hands. And yes it can progress and get worse. Mine started about 10 years ago and it started to get much worse about two years ago. Before that it wasn't painful at all….now it is

  4. My lips go blue too. I have something on the end of my nose too that looks like a blood blister. It stays there for a few months, falls off, bleeds a bit then reforms. I suspect it is Raynaud's related but doubt my GP would be interested.

  5. My nose turns blue as well as purple.

  6. Can I ask where everyone is from. What state?
    I'm in NH. But we are planning on moving to Arizona hoping it will help with my Raynauds and fibromyalgia arthritis etc.

  7. I'm actually in the UK

  8. I'm hoping Arizona is magical! We plan on taking a vacation there in the middle of summer because I have issue with really hot weather. But being a dry heat might be tolerable.

  9. Mine gets progressively worse EVERY year. I'm 18 and I've had it for 10 years. I started taking a blood pressure med which has helped tremendously but I need to up the dosage for Jan and feb next year. Try drinking/eating warm things like hot chocolate soup etc. that has helped me a lot.

  10. I have had raynauds for 40 years.had a sympathectomy.Instead of fingers turning white,when cold, they turn purple to black.i have had itsoo long that I just put up with it and keep warm.they cut under the armpits for upper part of body and lower spine for the feet.i did not have the feet done.i suppose I could have medication but don't want to create any more problems. try battery opeated gloves and socks.keep warm 🙂

  11. Yes – nose, gums, ears, eyelids, chin, nose, fingers, toes, knees, butt, breasts…and it does get worse over the years. Had an ulcer on my left big toe nail base. Take care of yourself!

  12. I have had it for about 12ys now its secondary raynauds,,it effects my hands the most, I have lost 2 fingers to it which started as ulcers, it also effects my feet ears nose and tongue. Yes it gets worse every year…stay warm.

  13. You are not alone. I am sure I had this as a child, but like you back then no one knew anything. I was diagnosed at 22. I am 46. I not only have Raynauds but I also have Lupus and Buergers. I am a hermit. I turn blue & grey just taking a shower. I don't go out much in the winter. It don't help I have moved to a colder climate (husband). Most of my sores wouldn't heal. Have had several amputations. Lost my right leg below the knee as well.

  14. Wow sorry to hear this Wanda, I am also pretty much a hermit in the winter but I was fortunate to move to a warmer dryer climate with much shorter warmer winters. I also turn white and purple sometimes when I get up in the morn if it's cool and also in the shower, brrrrr

  15. Oh wow Wanda. I'm sorry as well. Has anyone heard of the benefits of Arizona?

  16. That's where I'd love to move, I Live in the warmer part of BC

  17. Wendy Garnier. I am from New Hampshire also.

  18. I just accepted your friend request Jennipher Mansur

  19. There are medications you can take to help with your circulation. I also bought these insoles at Marks work warehouse. They are battery operated and they actually work. They keep me feet warm. I just seem to need that little bit of extra heat to keep the vessels dialated. They are expensive $160.00/ pair. You could ask your doctor if they would be safe for you.

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