Can some people get a bad reaction to B complex?


Question: can some people get a bad reaction to B complex? I started using it about 2 weeks ago and for the last week I’ve been moody, having hard time getting up in the morning and more on the grumpy side.
My husband told me that something similar happened to him and thats why he don’t take it.
I was just fine before, the reason I am taking it it’s because of the co factors.

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  1. Are you taking a quality product? Synthetic b vitamins can do that to you. If it's the activated forms, you may have started with to large of a dose

  2. I got Bluebonnet brand. "Stress B-Complex"

    stress b-complex

  3. Okay yeah, that's not what you want. Those are synthetic b vitamins that can do more harm than good.

  4. I haven't had this happen. I've been a new person with the b and mag glycerate

  5. Could be MTHFR. I'm not an expert by any means, but folks with those issues have problems with B's. A whole food/raw B complex might be better tolerated, but I can't swear to it.

  6. I absolutely can't take B complex every day. The one I have is high quality but I get the symptoms you explained. If I split a capsule in half, I can do that once a week. Gives me a bit of energy but can't do it more often. And yes Mthfr is probably the reason.

  7. Ridiculous amount of B6. I highly recommend reconsidering using such amount. The RDA is lower — for good reason this time. B6 toxicity is real. There are close to 500 members now in the B6 Toxicity Facebook group. I wish I had earlier symptoms that I recognized.

  8. Oh yeah, holy crap! I missed that lol.

  9. This seems to be the best one I've tried.
    Pure Encapsulations – B Complex Plus – 120 VegiCaps (Premium Packaging)

  10. Another one that's good is Thorne

  11. Maybe best to have beef liver once a week….??

  12. What about nutritional yeast for B complex?

  13. That product also contains 1000 mg of ascorbic acid per pill. That's a very small part of the whole Vitamin C molecule, and harmful in large amounts. 1000 mg is a very high dose!

  14. I also do not tolerate Bs very well and have MTHFR issues that I'm trying to decipher and I think I can use hydroxycobalamin and also mag hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia). Forgive me if I'm spelling that incorrectly, I'm going from memory but so far, I think these two forms may be working. Time will tell but things are looking good. It's a starting point anyway.

  15. I started taking b vitamins and added b2 as I read it's good for migraines but the extra b2 seems to increase my anxiety so I've had to stop taking it

  16. Lots o' B vitamins in Kombucha tea… probiotic too. 🙂

  17. I take 5p5 , folate by Jarrow , B1 and liver . Hydroxycobalamin is. Good choice for B12

  18. It would help to know your MTHFR status or just take B's that area suitable for those with a defect. The one you posted had folic acid in it which is NOT suitable with a defect.

    It's also more complex than that though I think. You can need them but get too much or not be able to tolerate a particular type like hydroxylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin etc. I think whether you under our methylate will affect how and what you tolerate too.

  19. Have you been tested for the mthfr genetic defect?

  20. I get extremely irritable from ALL Bs, cannot do liver or nutritional yeast either (same symptoms). I am trying bee pollen now, 2 granules every other day. So far so good!

  21. I have had bad reaction to Bs for a years. I was so frustrated I was ready to do the MTHFR testing (which I still probably should), when I finally discovered 2 products that work for me! Give me a moment and I will post a link. Eithet of these products seem to help with B deficiency with no bad side effects such as anxiety or irritability.

  22. MegaFood – Balanced B Complex, Promotes Energy and Health of the Nervous System, 90 Tablets

  23. Perfect Desiccated Liver – Grass Fed Undefatted Argentine Beef Liver (120 capsules, 750mg per capsule, Net wt 90g)

  24. I haven't been taking the megafood one long enough to say for sure that it will never bother me, but so far so good after a few weeks. No issues with the dedicated liver at all. FYI, I love almost any vitamins by the megafood company.

  25. I am also a part of this group. I have learned a lot from other people's posts.

  26. This might help you understand why:

  27. I bought Engevita yeast flakes about a week ago, been dumping a teaspoon on food, now I've had the worst case of the angries all this week. Everything is getting on my nerves and I feel like pyscho axe murderers would run away from me because I'm in such a bad mood. It's not PMT and it comes and goes but I've been looking into what could cause it and remembered this thread. Took some more before I read it 🙁

  28. Flush it out and segregate yourself?

  29. Its been 4 days since I stopped using these supplements and I feel great. it was definitely that.

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