Can someone help me to understand this better?


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some input…

The authority hearing my marriage annulment case has stated that “Hashimoto’s disease entails major mood swings, and lethargic behavior, which is not cohesive to fostering a genuine interpersonal relationship.”

Can someone help me to understand this better? As far as I’m understanding, this is saying that the symptoms of Hashimoto’s make it difficult or unlikely for the affected person to form genuine relationships with other people. This isn’t true for me. Mood swings aren’t even one of the symptoms I particularly suffer from.

I’m wondering if any of you would be willing to share your thoughts or experiences in this area with me…

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  1. That would b like blaming diabetes …I was married to a diabetic and due to his disease he would have mood swings with his blood sugar fluctuations… But he loved me….that's ridiculous and discriminatory

  2. Before I was diagnosed and started my meds I was depressed. I was also a teenager do they might have something to show with it.

    BUT that is a symptom, one of the bazillion we may suffer from. Made worse when it is not controlled. This is an absolute cop out, grasping at straws. Get your doctor to counteract that ludricious statement.

    Agree with DeeDee here.

  3. How many people have Hashimoto's? How many of us are in genuine long term relationships. I am fuming here. I have NEVER defined myself as a 'sick' person nor have I ever had it used against me.

    It's part of who I am. Like having brown hair.

  4. Wow, how unfair! Hes trying to use Hashimotos as a legal weapon. That's low. You could just as well be describing the average teenager and they manage to have lasting relationships

  5. That's very worrying what's next hashimoto's suffers are not fit to raise children!

  6. What! That's possibly the craziest thing I've ever heard. Isn't that descrimination.

  7. Is the judge your doctor. Know what we all go through is not the same as the other. That statement is ignorant and to me is the same as all men or women are alike

  8. That's way too extreme and I'm sure not even based on solid scientific studies.

  9. My ex's old lawyer wanted to make me look crazy for my pms. Said lots bs.

  10. That is the most ignorant statement I've ever heard… You need to get a new person working for you in regards to your legal proceedings. That statement is not only false, but extremely damaging to every single person who has this condition. It's already hard enough to live with the effects that this condition causes but to have some one who is in legal authority saying that we cannot foster genuine interpersonal relationships sets a dangerous precedent for all of us. I have been married for over 11 years and have 4 children and I can tell you how very wrong what you have been told is.

  11. Just cuz it's a possible symptom doesn't mean that you have that symptom. I'm sure your ex has a medication that “could” cause rectal bleeding. That would be difficult for maintaining a close relationship as well. Ha ha. Good luck!

  12. Thats crazy. My mood swings are cause my husband pisses me off sometimes lol. But we still have a genuine loving relationship.

  13. Ya I'm thinking that's ridiculous. Can't believe that was even stated. I don't agree with that at all

  14. So, they are making a blanket statement even though it doesn't pertain to you? Wow.
    I actually do have mood swings, but I did pre-Hashi's and ALWAYS around my cycle.
    To state that Hashi's makes you incapable of genuine relationships is ignorant and unsubstantiated.

  15. No not at all, this is very weird to say. The people around me would say I'm one of the easier going person they know… this is a bit crazy if them to try..

  16. Mood swings can just be normal every day dissapointments. Let them annul the marriage and find someone who loves you. Apparently, this person doesn't have the soul for it.

  17. Total BS. That person isn't a DR and should not pretend to be one. I pray this person doesn't have the authority to divide up your assets or make custody decisions (should you have children). Praying for a good outcome for you and hoping you find an amazing man in the future.

  18. I don't have mood swings. My emotions have always been very steady. I am rarely upset, and I'm rarely excited. Just mellow, day in and day out. And I've been happily married for 22 years.

  19. That is crazy! Sounds like they are trying to blame a disease you have as a cause of the problems. NO Way!!!!

  20. Hogwash. I have had Hashimoto's since 1997. I am married and happy since 1994. Any "mood swings " I might have come from life events like children, my job, family illnesses and deaths, bills, even the occasional fight with the husband. Fight this!

  21. It's just BS lawyer speak.

  22. I have hashi's and never had mood swings of any kind. I am married 18 years and have had no complaints from the other half.

  23. Maybe if it were completely untreated for years… but I have to assume that's NOT the case. If this is in regards to your ability to care for your children and your right to custody, be sure that your lawyer (and a doctor as your defense) is on that like white on rice!

  24. Wow. I almost didn't post (I have a lot of anxiety around publicly talking about private issues) but right now I'm very glad I did. Thank you for all your replies – I think I just needed reassurance from other people with Hashimoto's that this is as ridiculous as I think it is.

  25. No mood swings and married 18 years…seems crazy they would try to use it like that.

  26. I'm really confused and concerned about your motivation here. You married a catholic. I assume that you knew what that involved going into it? You are already divorced. The fact that you didn't make this clear in your OP really skewed the responses that you got. The reality is that for him to get married in church again he needs an annulment. Generally this requires some slight of hand so to speak or twisting of reality to make it appear to be a legitimate request because an annulment requires that there have been a major flaw to begin with. There are some people who believe that annulments for reason of future marriage shouldn't be possible. You don't come across as one of them but I could be wrong. Why are you fighting this? Who cares what is said!? If it's for your child's sake, having a happy father is important and you can just explain that something had to be come up with to use as a loophole to get the annulment.

  27. Mood swings are absolutely a known symptom of Hashimoto's. Whether people can form bonds despite this is up to that individual and up to the individuals on the receiving end of the mood swings or simply coping with the mood swings. In regards to this annulment, who cares if it is exaggerated. It's a religious annulment and they have to state something as the reason. As the divorce is already finalized, this religious ceremony has no bearing on finances or legalities.

  28. Sounds like he's grasping at straws to find you at fault.

  29. The church vows state "for better or worse, in sickness and in health". Are they saying those vows aren't legitimate? This doesn't seem like a valid reason for an annulment, but with the church, you can get it anyway if you pay enough. Those characteristics you listed are true for most people. Every relationship has challenges.

  30. Megan Hall

  31. Bull crap. I've been married 12 years and regardless of how I feel health wise, my marriage is the one thing that is steady and never changes. We're in love, always have been always will be, and I couldn't be more proud of that.

  32. Married 8 years, no mood swings. Hashimoto's diagnosis for 7 years of the marriage. Only symptom that affects my marriage is my flight anxiety, which my husband thinks is silly

  33. Perhaps your soon-to-be-ex should be diagnosed as lacking empathy and being self-centered?

  34. Not your fault girl! Probably Your ex is an idiot that didn't help you to manage the disease

  35. Wouldn't the grounds for your civil annulment be the same as your religious annulment?

  36. It's saying you married an uncaring pig! Nothing is your fault!

  37. What kind of BS is that?!?! Im with the same man for almost 23 years most of those years I've had Hashimoto's. Who doesn't have mood swings or some lethargy during any type of relationship?

  38. What a load of crap! I would ask that authority what his medical background is.

  39. You know what else can cause a mood swing and lethargy? Trying to get along with a toxic S. O. B.

  40. Divorced twice. Not due to Hashimoto. Divorced because I married jerks

  41. Happy and married for 13 yrs. And still have Hashimoto

  42. Everyone that has an illness has periods of anxiety, depression etc. I guess the vows of sickness and in health are obsolete now! What a complete waste of space your ex is, better rid off!

  43. I'm 100% sure if needed you could get a specialist to contradict that statement…

  44. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! It hurts to read it!!!!

  45. I didn't consider that I could ask the question without giving a little bit of context. One of my symptoms is brain fog and I end up having a hard time trying to word things because of it. I was not trying to get answers based on the context, just looking to hear other people's experiences of having genuine interpersonal relationships, even with hashimoto's – I was angry when I read that as I have many good relationships. I have good relationships with my family and I have close friends. I had a good relationship with my husband until he met someone else he wanted to marry instead. I'm currently in the process of writing my rebuttal to what has been said, and I thought it could be helpful to hear from others with hashimoto's on the topic. I certainly wasn't trying to manipulate the answers or anything like that. I also wasn't trying to put too much of my private life out there – I don't know anyone in this group and for all I know someone here knows my ex. Thanks to all of you for your valuable input.

  46. I imagine the effects it can have on libido could most certainly create issues. I married a man who despite my being the one with constant fatigue and aches, he was happy planting his arse on the couch and not helping me with anything and I worked more than he did.

  47. It's not the fault of your illness and I would have a big problem with this. It hasn't interfered with my ability to be awesome wife/ mother. Yes I do have bad days even weeks but all of that pales to the relationships that exist and really no different than any other illness a person could have

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