Can the orange juice be replaced with something else?


Adrenal cocktail question…can the orange juice be replaced with something else? Unfortunately I can’t have it!

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  1. There's an alternative recipe with coconut water.

  2. Thanks Diane hope you find an answer Darlene.

  3. What if coconut water can't be tolerated either – from my reading so far I see the orange juice can be replaced with vit c- I have ester-c at home- is that acceptable (can't find anything that says it is or isn't) and what sort of dose would work?

  4. I'm not sure. There was another post about this earlier today though. I do know you need potassium, sodium and vit c

  5. I've been using lemon juice and feeling like it's been helping me do ice assumed any citrus works but that's my guess not me actually knowing

  6. Another question…I eat 2 very ripe bananas every day (potassium) I take vit c + zinc effervescent daily and have salt in various ways…is this not adequate? Sorry for my naivety!

  7. I use grapefruit juice instead and increase the 1/4 tsp COT up to 3/4 tsp.

  8. What is in wholefood c snd where can I find it?

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