Can this be used safely for a mag chloride bath?


Can this be used safely for a mag chloride bath? I found it at our local hardware store and am curious. The mag flakes to me are quite expensive and i go through about 1 lb a week. So i’m trying to budget here and find items in bulk size if available. I began the foot baths/baths about a month ago. Does anyone know if a foot bath can be reused? Like to save the water, baking soda, and mag chloride that I have in the footbath and use it for the next night? Or does it lose it’s effectiveness after one foot bath?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Yes to the safe step

  2. MJ Hampstead uses safe step fore everything. As line as it it the 100% Magnesium chloride. Foot baths can be reused

  3. Yes, that is the brand of Mg chloride that many of us use.
    John Herron introduced it to us as a source two years ago.

  4. We have a mag chloride ice melter here in Germany and it says 47% MgCl2. I have no idea what the rest 53% ingredients are. Is 47% MgCl2 safe?

  5. This is awesome!! This would save SO much money! 1 lb is almost the same price as this 50 lb bag.

  6. Just another reason to miss Costco! When will retailers learn that there are plenty of people in the southeast (bluffton, hilton head, beaufort and the Savannah area) that would like some options! (i know – first world problem but its like a black hole here) i dont think we have TrueValue , will have to research.

  7. Just make sure it's the 8300 so it has no other additives.

  8. The only difference is the shape of it that they processed the MgCl to.

  9. Does anyone notice it being dirty?

  10. I use safe step 8300.
    Just let the mag-a-hol settle and I use a turkey baste to leave what settles, but it's not much. Not noticeable in a foot soak or a bath.

  11. How many times can we reuse a foot bath?

  12. So there is a safe step 6300? Only do the safe step 8300??

  13. How much do you add for a footbath and how much do you use for a bathtub? As always, appreciating your help

  14. Costco is two hours from me and I don't have membership. My son has been getting me gift cards so I can shop there but I think a membership would be worthwhile. I definitely save money by shopping there, not just on Safestep 8300.

  15. I googled it and found on ebay but the bag is red not green is it the wrong one

  16. I just ordered a 50# bag for $26 from tru value

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