Can vitamin D supplements cause weight gain?


Last question today, can vitamin D supplements cause weight gain? I feel that ever since I started supplementing that I gained weight

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  1. Use the links from the files to educate yourself. By doing this you make an informed decision to choose your own treatment path. The outcome just HAS to be better if you know what you are doing for your body's needs.

    The Doctor has "an opinion" based on his/her training.

    There are other opinions, perhaps anecdotal AND science based which are good to know. Just start self seeking, the folk here weigh in with tidbits, ultimately it's your choice. Evaluate, set goals, make a plan and reevaluate. That's what everyone does, allopathic or other!

  2. Educate your doctor. Bring the links. Morley is glad to talk to any doctor if they are willing to talk to him

  3. I have learned to be very specific about the tests that I want done because I have had the same experience as Pamela. So, now I always write down the exact names of the blood tests (and the CPT codes) and I tell the doctor and the phlebotomist or nurse, etc. that I need the EXACT tests that I have written down. I explain that the Mag RBC test is MUCH more accurate than the serum test, according to the books that I have been reading, including 'The Magnesium Miracle' by Carolyn Dean, MD. And, I double and triple check everything while they are drawing the blood. ( I also take along the books that I am reading.)

    If I am given a labwork requisition form, then I am very careful to check the lab order form before I leave the doctor's office to make certain they ordered the correct tests that I asked for. Sometimes it is helpful to email the doctor's office ahead of time to let them know what tests I would like to have done. Whenever I can, I also like to take along research articles which explain the importance of mag or copper, ceruloplasmin, active D, etc. related to the illness I am concerned about such as heart, strokes, schizophrenia, etc.. Morley has posted so many great articles about copper dysregulation, mag, etc. and these articles can be found by searching the FILES at the top of this page and reading through the comments.

    If all else fails, or if I get impatient, I have also just ordered the blood tests that I want through or from other online labs and paid for them out of pocket. Example: For my son's copper, ceruloplasmin, zinc testing, etc, I was able to convince his psychiatrist to order these. However, when I wanted those same tests repeated again just a few months later I knew his psychiatrist would not want to order them again so soon, so I just ordered them myself online. Yes, it cost me some bucks, but it was worth it to me. Whenever I go to a doctor appointment for my husband, son or for myself, I always have my list ready!! 🙂 And, so far, I have had pretty good luck!

  4. Deborah Conway you educate your doctor, increase your magnesium, and take cod liver oil or kelp seaweed capsules instead.

  5. Someone mentioned cod liver oil, if you can't handle the oil what about the cod liver capsules if it's pure?

  6. Isn't cod liver capsules oil based only? Maybe try the kelp seaweed capsules instead.

  7. Responsible sun exposure >>> D pill "Upon exposure to the sun, the skin synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate" "Cholesterol sulfate is also synthesized in the skin"

  8. Is there a vitamin D group please?

  9. Here's a reputable site for finding sources of naturally occurring vitamin D.

  10. You can count on just about anything in above ^^^^ article from the National Institute of Health except where it talks about the D 25 ranges or if it suggests to use a supplement. There's even a link to the largest food database in the world where you can find any food value thinkable, even candy of any kind.

  11. Cheryl Zeck-Forbes, I took hormone D for years and it never helped any of my severe back pain, fatigue, fibro, sciatica, etc. In fact, I now KNOW that it was the isolated D3 supplementation and my resulting elevated calcium blood and tissue level that was greatly contributing to/causing most of my health problems!! It was ONLY when I began to learn about magnesium deficiency (and the dangers of too much calcium in the soft tissues which is exacerbated by hormone D) that I was able to change my path and begin to heal. I am now pretty much pain free in my back, muscles and joints and now able to bend over, walk, etc. without pain. If you want to correct mineral imbalances and alleviate pain…massive amounts of isolated hormone D is NOT going to be the answer.

  12. It tagged the wrong Cheryl ;).

  13. You are supposed to take vitamin D with vitamin K as well as mag, else calcium is deposited in your blood and tissue not your bones. When deficient people are using the wrong protocols to supplement with vit D

  14. No synthetic d Matilde Baeza

  15. Matilde Baeza – that is incomplete, to the peril of many.

  16. MJ Hamp are you following me? Lol

  17. Valerie you should have been taking it with vitamin K and mag.

  18. Cod liver oil is the wrong type of vitamin A to take as it is retinol. You need Betta carotene.

  19. You are quoting sources where people are not supplementing correctly (no K or mag) and that is why there are increased risk for falls and fractures etc.

  20. Matilde Baeza – you are misinformed. Retinol is the vitamin A that is critical to the processing of D. Beta carotene coverts not enough into retinol to be effective.

  21. Matilde Baeza please do the above reading

  22. We don't recommend D3 at all, since it can negatively affect magnesium levels in the body. The above links go into a lot more detail.

    We should get vitamin D from food and sunshine. Cod Liver Oil (CLO) is a "food" in this context, even though it's taken like a supplement.

    Some individuals do need more D than they can get from food and sunshine, and are unable to tolerate CLO. Low to medium doses of D3 may be appropriate for those individuals- but that should be a last resort, not a universal recommendation.

  23. Ruth if the Dr has given you high dose vit d, (20.000iu) x3 times aweek) how much cod liver oil would you need to have? If u didn't take the vit d from the Dr

  24. Matilde Baeza, have you read the books 'The Magnesium Miracle' by Carolyn Dean, M.D. and/or 'The Calcium Lie II' by Robert Thompson, M.D.? Another great book is 'The Magnesium Factor' by Mildred S. Seelig, M.D, MPH, Master, American College of Nutrition. If you have read them, then you will know that if you have enough magnesium (recommended 5mg of magnesium per pound of body weight for maintenance and more if deficient. Get the Magnesium RBC test and the HTMA test to know your mag cell tissue level). With enough magnesium the storage hormone D will be converted to Active hormone D; magnesium is required for the conversion of Storage D to Active D. With an adequate level of magnesium the Active D level will then increase.

    However, if we get too much calcium from supplements or foods, that will cause our magnesium levels to decline and it will also throw off the ratios with our other minerals. Magnesium and Calcium are on a "see-saw." If we do not have enough magnesium then the result is that hundreds of enzymes in our bodies, neurotransmitters, hormones, cellular metabolism, ATP, copper enzymes, etc. are not able to function properly. Our minerals need to be in balance. If we take large amounts of HORMONE D, (NOT a vitamin) then our minerals are not going to be balanced. We were never meant to eat our hormones and especially not in large quantities.

    Some people might need to supplement Hormone D, but that is ONLY recommended after doing testing to make certain that both the storage hormone D AND the active hormone D are BOTH low, and that calcium, Ionized serum is NOT already high and that magnesium RBC is NOT low!! Our bodies are designed to make our hormones in very small quantities. Our bodies can heal themselves if we give our bodies the proper minerals, vitamins, water, proteins that are required.

    Please read through The Beginner's Guide at the top of this page to learn more. And, yes, do take vit K and A which helps to balance out the hormone D supplements. In the past, the Vit D council has recommended that people NOT get their "vit D" from cod liver oil, since Cod liver oil contains both "vit D" and vit A, and they both compete for the same receptors. Therefore, they did NOT recommend using cod liver oil. However, in this Magnesium Advocacy Group we DO recomend getting any Hormone D in a balance with vit A and K.

  25. Deborah Conway one tsp daily of Nordic naturals no d added

  26. I am not supplementing with calcium. I am pointing out that you are referring to outdated materials where vitamin d has been given a bad name because it has not been supplemented according to the correct protocols ie correct blood tests and supplementing with correct Co factors such as vitamin k and magnesium. I am not advocating over or unnecessary supplementation or vitamin d. I am trying to raise awareness of the correct protocols with regard to cofactors. Magnesium does not create vitamin d so if you have a genuine deficiency then there are correct protocols to supplement. You are giving out misleading information. Many people are interpreting your stance as anti vitamin d without the full and correct story.

  27. Magnesium raises hormone d levels

  28. Low d=low magnesium. So you are here to discredit Morley research?

  29. Matilde Baeza – YOU are giving out incorrect information! You are missing an incredibly important cofactor of Hormone-D.

  30. Matilde Baeza – again, please carefully read this page that summarizes the owners of this group's position on Hormone-D and follow the links for the depth writings. Matilde Baeza.

  31. You seem to be misquoting me deliberately. I have not discredited the correct testing for vitamin D so your repeated referrals that site are unnecessary. Which cofactors have I missed out? I have said that magnesium and vitamin K are amongst the cofactors required for the correct supplementation of vitamin D (where there is a recognised deficiency – vit A is another cofactor). I have not seen vitamin K mentioned in your many many posts. If you are deficient in vitamin D and are in an environment where natural sources will not adequately raise your levels then magnesium will be converting much smaller amounts of active vit D. If there is no stored vit D, magnesium does not convert what is not there.

  32. Really? That article is all about selling their own Vit K2 product.

  33. Good grief, everyone has got something to sell. I posted this earlier. Does this one pass your marketing free test?

  34. I don't want to fall heavily on one side or the other. The best approach is to be open minded and to do your own research and to research your research. Discoveries and cofactors are continually being redefined. Why can't there be a civilised debate? It's not about one-upmanship, it's about getting better.

  35. K2 is not a cofactor of magnesium. The cofactors are boron, b6, and bicarbonate.

  36. I'm writing about vitamin D cofactors!!!!!

  37. Magnesium does boost hormone d levels

  38. Please read how you all have been scammed….

  39. Go to a vitamin d board. Taking vitamin d got me thin bones and very sick

  40. Are you being deliberately obtuse? I am specifically addressing that point. You need to take it with magnesium and vitamin K. Read the links I have posted!

  41. Vitamin d depletes magnesium. It does no good. Synthetic d causes severe bone pain when I take it. Because it drops my magnesium too low. I get muscle cramps

  42. I already have severe fibromyalgia don't need anymore pain

  43. Magnesium is foundational. It is required for more than 300 different enzymes to work properly. It is needed for the regulation of calcium; it is a natural blood regulator and blood thinner, relaxes the arteries, relaxes the muscles, is needed for the cells to produce energy and for cellular metabolism, detoxification, etc., etc..

    If anyone believes that they need to take hormone D, please be certain to FIRST get all of the recommended four blood tests to find out your complete HORMONE D status! The purpose of HORMONE D is to increase calcium absorption from the intestines into the blood. So, if the Ionized Serum calcium level is already very high and is causing problems such as atherosclerosis, kidney stones, muscle and joint pain, back pain, sciatica, arthritis, brain lesions, heart palps, muscle cramps, fibro pain, bone spurs, etc., then why would anyone want to increase their calcium level by taking more Hormone D? We already get so much hormone D that is added to milk, milk subsitutes such as rice milk, almond milk, ice cream, cheeses, multivitamins, etc. and to many other products!

    Hormone D is a HORMONE and our bodies are meant to produce their own hormones in very small amounts. We were NOT meant to eat our hormones and especially not in large amounts. Even when we take vit A (retinol) and vit K (contained in grass fed butter) as is recommended in this group, the retinol A and K will not be able to compensate for injesting massive amounts of hormone D. The high amounts of hormone D will increase your serum and tissue levels of calcium (and deplete your magnesium) and thereby cause you problems with your heart, muscle stiffness, memory loss, enzymes that don't function, strokes, diabetes, etc. It is very difficult to increase our magnesium levels when we are taking isolated D. Taking Isolated hormone D also prevents our livers from manufacturing ceruloplasmin which is crucial for the enzymes needed for our immune system, etc.

    Hormone D will lower the magnesium level and 80% of the population are already deficient in magnesium!! Storage Hormone D levels above 30 have not been proven to benefit us. If your doctor says that your hormone Storage D iis "LOW," then ask to have your ACTIVE D 1,25 Calcitriol test done and you may discover that it is actually HIGH and that you are not deficient in D. (Most doctors do not routinely order the Active D 1,25 Calcitriol test and you will have to ask for it.) However, if BOTH the Active D AND Your storage D 25 OH are both low..and your Magnesium RBC is at a good level, THEN you might choose to supplement for a short time with cod liver oil. Most doctors also never order the magnesium Red Blood Cell test, so you will also have to ask for that, or order it online yourself from

    Remember, from 'The Calcium Lie II" by Dr. Robert Thompson, that our bones are made up of 13 different minerals, NOT just calcium. We need magnesium and boron and many other trace minerals to make our bones strong!!! Calcium is soft like chalk, so if our bones were only made up of calcium, our bones would be very weak indeed! It is the boron, magnesium, etc. that makes our bones strong.

  44. Valerie Engh she is no longer a member here

  45. that's ok Cheri, lots of folks need this info.

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