Can we use this with Levo and Cytomel?


Two different questions… Just recently started Cytomel with my Levo…. And I feel like I’m gaining weight. I feel MUCH better though. Has anyone else gained weight on Cytomel? Did it come off later? Also, I don’t sell it, but someone offered me some isagenix to take (mostly meal replacement shakes) to lose weight. Can we use this with Levo and Cytomel? Anyone had any luck using it to lose weight?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I lost weight on cytomel. Maybe your body is adjusting?

  2. If you find the answer out regarding the shakes, please let me know.

  3. Try out low carb to lose weight

  4. I haven’t lost weight with it or feel differne

  5. I gained on levo and cytomel and hasn’t come off after switching to NDT. Depends what’s in the shakes. Most contain soy, which is no, no for thyroid patient.

  6. I take both. Lost weight quickly at first but then it came right back. But the combo has helped most other symptoms.

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