Can you eat back the wheat breads?


Can gluten allergy and celiac ever heals up and can you eat back the wheat breads?

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  1. no hell no one Celaic or NCGS is triggered and the autoimmunity states kick in they can not be turned off. Like diabetes many claim to cure but only treat the symptoms .. as a NCGS and a diabetic watch I eat closely and even closer with food allergens ..

  2. No Celiacs is the inability to produce the protein that creates the enzyme to break down gluten. If gluten continues to be invested it leads to extreme malabsorption of food and nutrients and eventually starvation

  3. According to Health journal NO!

  4. No it’s permanent

  5. Unfortunately no hun.

  6. Nope we have it forever

  7. Lifetime autoimmune disease

  8. Think of your body as having soldiers that come out to fight when you are under attack. Every time a food enters that your body has decided is the enemy, they will come out of hiding & attack for up to 8 weeks per episode. Either Dr Tom O’bryan or dr perlmutter says this


  10. nope. Generally it gets worse. At least mine did

  11. You can Never go back to wheat breads, until a cure is found. I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.

  12. . Gluten is HIGHLY inflammatory because all wheat is GMO. It’s an inherently flawed product. It’s not good for anyone and can cause these responses from the body.

  13. If you believe my aunt then yes cause she highly believes that she can eat bread and be fine, but no you can’t .

  14. Truth? It’s not that hard to avoid it. There are so many wonderful and delicious foods to eat that I don’t miss it. It’s not about what you can’t eat,but what you GET to eat! My life is fabulous since I changed how I eat, why would I ever want to go back to sickness, disability and premature old age?

  15. No. It is not an allergy – it is a disease

  16. I fine when you can’t have something. You want it more! It takes a lot of getting used to! I’m taking one day at a time! I’m still learning.

  17. I never ate so much fruit and veggies in my life! I miss a little bread once in a while but my health is much better without it! I can’t believe I just said it! But it’s true! My other medical problems are worse so I’m trying to fix everything at once! Thanks for listening to me vent!

  18. Would you ever be willing to chance being sick day after day again

  19. No, sorry it is life threatening

  20. NO. So much more to enjoy at the table than gluten! Move on and LIVE!!!

  21. No, permanent, unfortunately, but how I wish. I have Celiac Disease, as rough as it is , it does get easier. No food as good as it is, is not worth the pain and misery.

  22. I have read there is research on a medication but only time will tell.

  23. I think we are a long way out from a medicated solution they still don’t understand fully the process that allows the interaction between proteins and enzymes

  24. Celiac? No. Never again.

  25. Maybe some day they will me up with a cure.

  26. No, never

  27. No, after being gf for just the few short months, I find the symptoms are much worse than ever if I get glutened.

  28. I really don’t like wheat bread anyways but its nice if you didn’t have to worry about a cookie or donut etc….just to be able to eat with out worrying whats in it would be nice

  29. No life long

  30. New to this disease~ Can anyone tell me symptoms as far as joint pain? I am also waiting to see if I have lyme disease which has the same symptoms.

  31. It is possible to grow out of allergy but celiac is for life! Even if no reaction that you can see, it’s causing the damages still whenever consuming. Be cautious if trying wheat again with allergy, reactions can worsen over time! (Sorry if already said, phones not loading comments)

  32. Unfortunately no!

  33. No you can’t just eat gluten free and everything will be fine

  34. I truly believe that if we could eat the wheat grains that our grandparents ate…. without the GMO’s and pesticides herbicides chemicals that we would not have a problem that we have today with celiac’s!

  35. No, it doesn’t “heal”. You MIGHT get by with a very minor reaction if you consume it on RARE occasions, but repeated will put you right back to where you were!

  36. No! Celiac is for life!

  37. Never it is seriously life ending

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