Can you get your period without ovulating?


Trying to conceive;

I get my period every month, sometimes it comes late by a week or so.(but it does come) this month it came right on time. (exactly after 30 days; yay!)

Question: How do i know when i’m ovulating? Last month i noticed ovulation discharge. Which told me i was ovulating!! (Have been trying since last month)

I didn’t really notice any discharge this month. Can you get your period without
ovulating? Can you ovulate without discharge. This is all so confusing!!

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Answers ( No )

  1. Awesome! Will look into it. Thanks ladies!

  2. You can get ovulation tracking kits as well. They are like pee sticks but for ovulation instead of pregnancy.

  3. Try measuring your basal body temperature each day – there's typically a rise when you ovulate. Can also monitor cervical mucus – it's supposed to look like raw egg white when you ovulate. There's also positioning of the cervix, but this is probably very tricky to evaluate. These all make up the Fertility Awareness Method, and there are some other ways too, such as some women report feeling a twinge or an ache when their ovary releases an egg, but this is near impossible to distinguish from everyday aches and pains. There's some evidence that women feel more sexually attractive when they ovulate, but this obviously isn't everyone.
    There's no other or exact way of telling when you ovulate, unfortunately.

    It's very difficult to tell if you are ovulating from just cervical mucus alone. I'm on the combination pill and I sometimes notice what is considered 'fertile' cervical mucus, which is impossible since you don't ovulate on the combination pill. I would advise employing at least one other method to help you guess when you are ovulating.

  4. No problem! Good luck!

  5. Thanks so much for the detailed response. I recently downloaded an app that Jennifer Rose Wilson had told me about, so i will try to track it according to that! Hopefully it works. Thanks again! 🙂

  6. Yes. You can ovulate one month and not the other. Just because you get your period doesn't mean you automatically ovulate. And yes, you can ovulate without noticing cervical mucus. There's really no sure, 100% way to figure it out. Lots of people use fertility charts and apps on their phone to chart their fertile months. TTC can take months, so don't expect it to just happen or feel discouraged.

    Getting your period every month is good, but ovulation is really the barometer to use for fertility. That's why so many women use charts and check their temps and cervical mucus. I'd basically try to track that and then go from there. I've never tried to get pregnant, so I can't give you real tips… However, I've heard enough women talk about it, so hopefully it will help you to really tack your ovulation so you can maximize your chances

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