Can you or do you react immediately?


Hello, I have one more question about celiac disease.
Can you or do you react immediately? Like within 5 minutes, 10 at the very max. I had an episode after possibly being cross contaminated and can’t think of any other possible reason for it happening. Just want opinions if I’m right or wrong so I can document properly in my journal for upcoming Dr appt.

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  1. For me within ten minutes easily.

  2. Thank you. Normally for me it’s a matter of couple of hours to many many hours later. Just depends. I’ve never reacted that quickly before.

  3. I usually react within the first 10 to 15 minutes

  4. As soon as it hits my tongue I react

  5. My stomach makes funny noices by the evening then the next morning it’s quite a few trips to the toilet x

  6. That’s normally me but this time it was within minutes

  7. Yes I frequently react quickly. Never takes more than 20 minutes

  8. Sometimes for me it’s instantly and other times it could be an hour later. Research also suggests that sometimes something you had eaten a week ago can finally react in your body.

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