Cancer treatment and Hashimoto’s?


Cancer treatment and Hashimotos?? Who has had previous cancer treatment…. chemo, radiation, tamoxifen?? It is a question on my Tamoxifen page and there were a lot of similarities???

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  1. Great Question

  2. i had cancer but did not do any of those things.

  3. I was hypothyroid. Later diagnosed with Non-Hoghkin Lymphoma. Had heavy duty chemo RCHOP, Zevalin radioactive infusion for remission. Oddly Thyroid went normal during treatments. 5 years later diagnosed with Hashimotos.

  4. I had thyroid cancer. Treatment is usually Radio Active Iodine.

  5. I had breast cancer and went through all the treatments. Currently on tamoxifen.

  6. I've done radiation and about to start tamoxifen but I'm petrified to start

  7. I had chemo for colon cancer.

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