Cannabis/CBD to help hashimoto’s?


So I had a thought I wanted to ask about. Does anyone use cannabis/CBD to help their hashimotos? Not sure if medical cannabis can help but I know it can help a lot of stuff so I thought I’d ask. Always looking for a natural aid to this issue.

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  1. No. Illegal here so not an option

  2. Just started cbd oil today…hoping for results

  3. Where I live it is legal. CBD has helped greatly with anxiety!

  4. It might help with pain but it is not a treatment for hypothyroidism.

  5. I tried it for pain. It didn’t work for me

  6. Pot makes me feel super anxious like I’m having a heart attack with time moving slowly. I hate the feeling!

  7. I’m starting it soon I’ve tried everything froM diet to exercise, I’m always in some forM of pain

  8. I started out using the otc hemp-based cbd oil (legal all 50 states) and got such good results I got a card…. I have hashi’s and RA and am basically in remission in both ( i still get occasional minor flare ups) per my bloodwork and have been for the past year… off all the meds for both too except for the cbd oil…
    The only difference I’ve noticed between the hemp-based cbd oil vs the medical marijuana one is it’s cheaper with the card ($22 w card v $75 otc) …

  9. I legally order CBD and it’s helped immensely. You have to take it as directed + consistently to see results. Helps with inflammation which keeps levels in check. Need to also watch your diet in order for it to be effective. I really like Charlottes Web and the chocolate mint flavor is like a treat.

  10. Cbd oil is working great for me so far (about 2 weeks in) it’s lowered my heart rate (which is always really high) helped me sleep better, helped massively with anxiety and joint pain is diminishing. If you are interested in what I’ve been using ill send you the link!
    Ps saw your comment on another post- You can get pure forms of cbd oil with very little thc. The stuff I take won’t get me high (.03% thc) you get the benefits of the plant without the high.

  11. I’ve been using CBD oil, 1:1 CBD/THC oil, and have bee vaporizing 2-3x/day for the last 4 yrs. I’m a medical cannabis patient approved by health Canada and have my medicine delivered directly to my door through CannTrust. My max level of THC my body can handle without opposite effects (ie paranoia, increased joint and muscle pains, hypersensitivity) is 17%TCH – any more than that and it has horrible effects. I prefer cannabis with a higher level of CBD 18%. You must read into and understand CBD (pain relief), THC(psychotropic “getting high” elements), and the differences in strains such as variants of sativa (more alert and wakeful) vs. indica (“in the couch” chill out mode), and hybrid strains and 1:1’s) – I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last week but have been using CBD for Eagles Syndrome and EDS for 4 yrs so I’m not sure how or if cannabis has any effect on hypo-Hashi. Doesn’t look like it for me as I’ve been using for so long yet my thyroid issues are brand new. Then again my Eagles Syndrome could have a lot to do with my damaged thyroid. Another thing to consider is that certain strains of cannabis will make you hungry and give you munchies and if you’re not careful or keeping weight control in mind, it may be questionable, so I don’t know how good that is to be honest with you but then again everyone is different… xo? the CBD oil though helps massively with the joint and muscle pain and sleeping. It’s worth a try but don’t go hardcore right off the top or it may throw you off. Gradually easing into it to find optimal dose is preferable…

  12. I use CBD oil and THC pills at night. They work wonders!

  13. I am on my 2nd day.. I have split my dose up..half early, half late. No high because there is not thc in it, but it does make me sleepy..hoping splitting up will help.\nI have been having a lot of throat pressure/swelling, so am putting my oil in a little water and gargling when I take it.. hoping it hits that area directly.

  14. Yes it’s life changing

  15. The CBD oil I take has no affects to thinking, etc….It is supposed to be anti-inflammatory. I am in Texas. Not sure about the THC stuff. It is illegal here.

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