Cardiologist suggested going to endocrinologist again?


Yesterday went to Cardiologist – Boom – of no help…he expected me to be out of Atrial Fibrillation completely by getting my electrolytes up! My mag is still not normal, but better. He was so puzzled why I am not absorbing Magnesium. Taking 1600 Mag-Oxide and 1200 Calcium each day. Took another blood test after visit to see results of calcium, potassium also (results not back yet). He asked if I have low D – and I said Yes but it was D-3 – was diagnosed by wellness doc couple years ago.. Since this Mag thing came up I have read I should be on Vitamin D and Vitamin C and B-6???? to help absorb magnesium. And I have Hashimotos thyroiditis which probably means no gluten and should be taking D-3. Also was diagnosed with adrenal distress…I feel like I am on One Big Roller Coaster ride! Cardiologist suggested going to endocrinologist again??? -to see why my body not absorbing????? couple of weeks ago everything had gone up to normal except for MAG!!!!! I don’t think doc knows what to do with me????? Was interested that i had joined this group!!!! What do you think? Karen needs help!

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  1. Many of the foods we eat have calcium in them, milk, cheese, yogurt. And it seems our body can "recycle" calcium. Magnesium is much harder to get in our bodies on a daily basis. I don't who started that you need to take calcium if you take mag but it's not true.

  2. Mag taurate is also recommended for the heart. The calcium will lower the magnesium. Do you have results of the four blood tests for D3 that you can share with us? Those four tests give a good picture of your total D status. The four tests are Mag RBC, Serum, Ionized Calcium, Hormone D 25 Hydroxy, Hormone D 1,25 dihydroxy (calcitriol)

  3. Tests: (1) MAGNESIUM (83735)
    Magnesium [L] 1.0 mg/dL 1.8-2.5

    Tests: (2) PHOSPHORUS (84100)
    Phosphorus 3.1 mg/dL 2.4-4.7

    Tests: (3) FASTING BMP (80048)
    Sodium 137 mmol/L 134-144
    Potassium 4.2 mmol/L 3.3-5.0
    Chloride 101 mmol/L 98-109

  4. That was 1 week after hospital stay

  5. That is serum magnesium you need magnesium RBC

  6. Ionic magnesium by Water Oz is the only magnesium supplement that raised my levels.

  7. Do you take d3

  8. You need active and storage d, magnesium RBC ionic calcium

  9. Patient: KAREN G FILBERT
    ID: HarvestLIS 240475
    Note: All result statuses are Final unless otherwise noted.

    Tests: (1) MAGNESIUM (83735)
    Magnesium [L] 1.1 mg/dL 1.8-2.5

  10. 2 weeks after hospital tested just Mag and had gone uo .1 Yahoo!!!!

  11. No I don't take d3, but if y'all say to I will!!!! I did, she had me on 20,000i.u.

  12. Hi Karen. I just would like to know how you feel today. Better, Worse, Same as Before? Sounds like your cardiologist is trying, and he's honest, and that's saying something. I have a history of thyroid issues, and the roller coaster effect is not fun. I think we have to just keep working on it until we come across the best combination for each of us. Good luck !!!

  13. NO isolated D3. that will further impact both Magnesium and potassium.

  14. I definitely feel better thank day I went to hospital…mag was .2 – when got up to 1.4 in hospital through IV not as much back chronic pain, not depressed, felt great. And, I feel better even though Mag gone down since hospital stay…

  15. David Zenn, I do like the cardiologist! But seeing a doctor who is puzzled was a bit scary to me. The were going to do a cardio version on me on Monday and changed their mind until Mag went up to 1.6 so they decided to send me home with 3 heart meds and magnesium and calcium!!!!

  16. Now I don't see cardiologist for a month and assume results of blood tests coming soon????

  17. OH yes and now they have me taking folic acid and B-1 (thiamine)

  18. That is d2 still synthetic.

  19. Magnesium, cod liver oil, boron, b complex, bicarbonate, plus I take iodine I know MJ Hamp gets her iodine from foods I get mine from lugols.

  20. Their are other magnesiums that absorb better than oxide

  21. No real advice for you, but lots of understanding…I'm in the same boat with afib and hashi's…I take mag taurate and malate…balancing that with a chunk of pink Himalayan salt and a bottle of coconut water a day…good luck!

  22. i read somewhere that those with MTHFR mutation cannot take mag glycenate (also personal experience of bad absorption here as well.) Jigsaw Mag works perfectly for me.

  23. CLO for natural D and A. Whole foods vit C
    Mega max has all co factors.

  24. Because I was having absorption issues my doc ran the test for MTHFR. Apparently that is a common thing with those with this gene mutation.

  25. As I understand the issue with Mg glycinate, it has to do with drugs that use the same GABA transmitter site. So those on those drugs will probably respod poorly to Mg glycinate, but there are plenty of other types.

  26. If you have Hashimotos then you likely have leaky gut (anyone with an autoimmune disorder usually has this condition). People with leaky gut just don't absorb nutrients well. I'd suggest using topical Mg oil instead of oral. This bypasses the gut and you have a much better chance of it actually getting into your tissues and restoring sufficiency.

  27. I'd do an AIP diet to get my gut right for starters.

  28. Love all the great comments but I would also suggest a hair analysis for heavy metals.

  29. Perhaps cutting back on the calcium? Dr. Dean states a serving of yogurt a day is sufficient calcium for us.

  30. You probably have MTHFR and need activated B vitamans (folate not follic acid).

  31. I have Hashi's too, in remission now. I would try a different form of magnesium as oxide is the LEAST absorbed by the body. Oxide is in laxatives! I take both magnesium and threonate. Also, the doc should be measuring your serum magnesium ( in red blood cells) and not just magnesium. If you want to try a methylated form of b vitamins, Country Life makes 2 forms of Co-Enzymated B complex which I have used…both excellent. I am not gluten free and my Hashi's is in remission. My D is 65 and I am taking 20,000 IU per day to get it to 100. Are you taking iron supplements by any chance?

  32. Please read the files and the pinned welcome note. It will answer many of your questions.

  33. Magnesium malate is most effective for absorption.

  34. 2000 c a day

  35. Christine Karen Pacek no synthetic d. D depletes magnesium. Cod liver oil. Serum magnesium is not what you want magnesium RBC. Per Morley you need active and storage d levels. D levels above 20 you don't need. Please read the above links

  36. Thanks all of you – you are fabulous!!!!!!

  37. Lots to think about!!!!!!!

  38. Karen Williams, I just had a consult this morning with a doc who specializes in natural therapies for various conditions. He talked to me about mag, and told me that mag glycinate is the proper form of mag to take for muscles, including the heart; mag threonate is best for brain/nerve conditions.

  39. Don't take the folic acid you were given. If you have a methylation defect (MTHFR) then folic acid will be toxic to you. In order to bypass the possibility of being a carrier, find a brand that uses Folate which is the natural form. Folic acid is a synthetic. (and don't take the ones that say "folate (as folic acid)" bec that's a way of tricking you. I use Seekinghealth but there are more.

  40. get off the calcium and take strontium instead – talk to your DR.

  41. Cheri Harkness Thanks for your opinions!

  42. In Dr. Thompsons book,'The Calcium Lie II', he does not recommend the use of strontium for osteoarthritis; however, I don't know anything about using strontium in your particular situation. But, I just wanted to pass on this info to you in case it might be helpful. Per Dr. Thompson, "It is more likely that strontium will cause abnormal bone formaton as it incorporates itself into the bone remodeling process instead of calcium……. This leads to abnormal and less resorptive bone crystals and impaired bone remodeling with resulting joint knobs and spurs in areas where there is the greatest bone turnover, the hands and feet."

  43. If this is a repeat, forgive.

    Don't take calcium and magnesium together, they compete for the same receptor sites, also take B6 with your magnesium. (Or buy jigsaw mag supplement)

  44. I believe your suppose to alternate taking magnesium and calcium. If you take them together they cancel each other out.

  45. Vikki Woolley Hancock no calcium supplements at all. Get calcium from food only.

  46. Did you have a blood test done to check for genetic markers of the genes for processing magnesium, B12 or B9? Most labs can do it now. If you have a mutation of any of these genes, you need the methylated version of that supplement. I have the mutations for B9 (MTHFR) and for B12 (can't remember the name of the gene right now). I take methylated B9 & B12 and so many of my symptoms are gone. I also eat a lot of raw cauliflower. High in B12 and helps stabilize my mood.

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