Cat-scans for post cancer follow-up?


What is your opinion on receiving cat-scans for post cancer follow-up?

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  1. Linda that is not true about the time for MRI'S unless you're talking about a Majorly outdated machine

  2. I believe I would just continue to do cancer eradicating protocol as a lifestyle … why not? Why return to an illness lifestyle?

  3. There are many other sources of ionising radiation (apart from CTs and Xrays) which people don't talk or think aout. Like every time you take a commercial flight you are exposed to raditaion at high altitudes, and elements which are released such as radon in places like Cornwall, England. Xray and CT are only one type of exposure. MRIs do not provide the same TYPE of information – mainly about soft tissue, and MRIs are usually used for small areas, eg, a chest/abdo/pelvic MRI would literally take hours in a machine which drives people batsoid with the noise after only a few minutes. There are pros and cons with all medical imaging techniques.

  4. My husband gets MRI's.

  5. I am looking into getting an MRI instead of a CT-Scan. I am scheduled for a CT-Scan next week.

  6. Looking at a PetCT before the Laser surgery to see where the tumors on the vocal cord are, Dr side it was about a years worth of radiation up here at 7000 to 9000 feet where we live. Been up here 41 years.

  7. The advancements in both machines at this point a remarkable however. the problem with CT scans is most do not allow you to control the amount of radiation as with x-rays. I'm sure many machines have changed though at least I hope so

  8. Dang voice text!

  9. I think Mr eyes are better for everything the problem is a lot of insurances don't want to pay for it so a lot of doctors don't order it first

  10. I am not sure about your doctor or your facility but I would always request nonionic contrast. Less adverse effects or reactions

  11. Donna Sandberg: Is an MRI better than a CT scan for abdominal/pelvic scans?

  12. As far as taking iodine I am Not sure. I do know that after receiving contrast you should drink plenty of water to flush it out of your system

  13. Ruben W. Botello an MRI is more effective than a CT. much more information. I did both MRI has no radiation also. there may only be certain reasons why you cannot have one. usually if you have a pacemaker or other types of metal implants in your body.

  14. Also, is it good to take Iodine after CT scans, to reverse any bad effects that radiation may have?

  15. Is an MRI just as effective as a CT scan in detecting cancer coming back? Also, is an MRI safer than a CT scan?

  16. I took extensive courses in radiation biology and you can't ask how long radiation stays in your body because there are long term effects…on skin, organs etc…depending on amount of raduation. As a tech I was closely monitored and our badges measured doses so rather than a biology lesson just know it depends on how much dosage within a certain period of time

  17. Everyone's breast tissue is different. Make ur own choices. It's ur body and ur decision. I have seen waaaay too many false positives. Mine was just a cyst.

  18. Thermography does Not produce more radiation. Get mri or us but again what I said about it being diagnostic and sensitivity issues. I haven't done a mammo in about 10 years and yes it runs in the family per se but because I've changed my diet and try to be alkaline I plan on staying far away from traditional doctors if at all humanly possible

  19. A CT scan exposes you three years of background radiation if a contrast is used and Donna is right – it is VERY sensitive – I was told mine took an image every 3mm. There are other ways of detecting cancers, but for one reason or another, they are all MUCH LESS sensitive than CT. That means they can very easily produce false positives, or equally not detect what is there. I am not advocating CTs. I am simply pointing out their benefits and disadvantages. It is then up to each individual person to weigh up the risks and reach a considered decision about what is appropriate for them.

  20. When I asked my dr. about thermograms instead of mammos, she told me that thermograms have MORE radiation. My breasts are REALLY, REALLY small, and they squeeze all my chest flesh into those jaws until the space is like a slice of bread! I think I will ask my gyn and see what she says…

  21. How long does it take for any xrays radiation to leave to body??

  22. Who does them? I am in Iowa

  23. Thermograms are way more accurate than mammograms, plus there is no radiation, or pressure on the breasts.

  24. I will never do a mammogram again. I am curious if it's safer to go to ultra sound or an MRI. Last time I did an ultrasound they ended up doing an MRI that was four years ago. I should I just do nothing.

  25. My mom had breast cancer and also my sister has it now. I refuse to go and do mammograms. If it comes to do something I will go right to ultra sound. If there's is something showing on a mammogram they would recommend ultra sound anyway. My other sister is scared and she was talked into doing mammograms every year.

  26. I had a CT scan and I regret it. To much radiation exposure.

  27. ct scan is equal to 442 chest x-rays….you sure you want to do that?

  28. I had one because nodes were found in my chest xray after having breast cancer 🙁

  29. I have a question. I have very dense breast 4 years ago I had to get a mammogram and then I Ultra Sound and then an MRI. The end result was everything was okay. I haven't had one sense. I rarely go to doctors I had to go to my doctor a couple days ago. She couldn't believe its been 4 years since I had a mammogram beings my mother died of breast cancer at 52. I am 57 workout try to eat healthy as best as I can afford organic. I would not do a mammogram under any circumstances I told her I might consider an ultrasound or skip the ultrasound and do the MRI but I wasn't doing all 2 or three. How do you feel about an MRI, absolutely no contrast??

  30. MR is tool of choice

  31. Andrea Wiser Jones not true. I was a CT tech for many years dealing with many cancer patients and you can detect at the most minute level. You can do thin slice cuts and 3d and ROI's (region of interest)

  32. Former CT/MR tech here. Waaaay too much radiation!

  33. AND thermograms.

  34. MRI or ultrasound would be my choice.

  35. become your own doctor, dont go in, dont rely on there opinion. true the xray might show a tiny little something. but right away, "u need chemo and drugs or surgery etc.." dont fall for it..

    Instead, do your due dilligence. go on youtube and watch the documentary that will improve your knowledge and understanding. Its called "quest for the cures" start with episode 1 and 2.

  36. Ask for an ultra-sound instead

  37. Too much radiation. There is a book that I'm reading called, "cancer free, are you sure". It lists all the different blood tests you can do for tumor markers, etc. The problem with a CT scan is its a late diagnostic tool meaning it doesn't detect cancer until its a certain size

  38. I would not do it. To much radiation!

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