Celiac and leaky gut are very closely related


I’ve noticed a couple of people who use plexus on here. Celiac and leaky gut are not the same but very closely related. Not sure which I have yet. Awaiting appt on the 12th. But does anyone know about it works products? Good or bad and which to use?

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  1. I take the pro biotic and it works great

  2. If you have leaky gut or celiac many times they go hand & hand. If you have either i highly recommend the gaps diet & high quality supplements

  3. I highly recommend the plexus products! I am 2 months in and I’m starting to detox and I haven’t gotten results like this with anything I’ve tried in 4 years.

  4. Following

  5. Definitely recommend plexus. Its helped me so much.

  6. I bought these Super Strength Probiotics today at the herbal shop for £16.95, I didn’t order those Align Supplements or Culterelle on ebay. I take aloe vera,gastrointestinal colon cleaners 1 morning and night. Women’s multivitamins which include B12. I also drink herbal tea, dandelion, camomile or peppermint.

  7. Oh! Omega 3 capsule or alternatively I eat tunafish.

  8. Tuna would be great. Thanks 🙂 \nAnd I see a lot of good about plexus. But I had been told and read that if u ever start it u can’t stop it. True or no?

  9. Unsure hun! I’m taking a probiotic from my local herbal shop. X

  10. There’s different product’s of many price’s, I chose Super Strength Pro-Max. X

  11. Be careful with Plexus it’s not for everyone. \nI didn’t do well with it.\nLet me know if you have questions

  12. I use their probiotic. I recently found out I have celiac because my son was diagnosed with it, so I got tested too. I’ve been using their probiotic for a few years now just because I wanted a good one and I like it. I do not so noticable symptoms of celiac, so I can’t say how it would help with that. But I do notice that I have a good immune system. A few times my son and husband have gotten colds and I never did catch their germs. I account that to Plexus.

  13. I do and loive the triplex.

  14. I use the greens, shake, thermofit, and fat fighters. Doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve lost 35 pounds with the products so far. Absolutely love them! (:

  15. The 2 day cleanse from it works is really good for leaky gut or celiac as well.

  16. Thanks 🙂

  17. I thought about those fat fighters but I’m losing weight on just my careful diet alone

  18. It made me worse and I gained weight

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