Celiac and yeast infections?


Is it common to have Celiac and then get yeast infections? I normally only get a yeast infection if I take antibiotics. I have had 2 yeast infections in 2 months, no antibiotics.

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  1. This is an awesome question…Im curious to see responses.

  2. I always get yeast infections so i have to take a yeast pill every week for 3 months …no clue why

  3. Yeast infection what’s the smptoms plz

  4. Haven’t had one since I bought this. Use to get them monthly. It really works

  5. Could be to lowered immunity system. Usually yeast infections that reoccur may have to do with pH in your body and overabundance of sugars in diet

  6. I always attributed mine to my Type 1 diabetes but now wonder if it could be because of the celiac instead or also. I always keep a prescription of Diflucan and take the pill as soon as I feel any symptoms.

  7. His much is it x

  8. I have had one every month for 5 months. I’ve been gluten free for 6 years though so I have no idea. Going to get it checked out soon

  9. I get constant UTIs. I take 1 antibiotic every day per urologist except for one week before my RA infusion. Gotta love it. At least now they are under control.

  10. I’m the same! I just got diagnosed

  11. Same, yeast infections always from antibiotics. The last round caused me 3 yeast & 2 bladder infections. But, after taking 2 yeast rx pills I didn’t want anymore antibiotics so my research lead me to candida, a yeast overgrowth in your intestines. I started taking a high quality 30 billion probiotic and it all went away after a couple of weeks. I’m going to continue the probiotics now. Hope this helps.

  12. I had one a month for about 4 months when I switched birth control …Had to switch back to my original BC and it all went away! Could just be hormone levels out of wack?

  13. Before diagnosed I’ve had a few, but since being diagnosed I’ve had a constant yeast infection that pills aren’t helping. I’m miserable.

  14. I recommend probioticts,and no sugars. …… antibiotics Only if necessary!

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