Celiac Disease after the age of 60


Question: My mother and father were both diagnoses with Celiac Disease after the age of 60. My brother after the age of 40. I get abdominal bloating, migraines, severe bone pain from time to time, fatique, depression, cankers in my mouth, osteoperosis, brain fog, severe sleep issues, etc. My brother swears that I have it even though my digestive issues tends to be more constipation versus food moving through me fast. I went on a gluten free diet about 2 months ago and notice less issues in my joints. The times I did cheat (because of being with grandkids) I would just get really exhausted for a day or two. Does anyone think that I should get back on gluten and get tested?

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  1. Girl, you know in your heart you have it. However i would get tested anyway and no i wouldnt do gluten, i would talk to my doctor. Trying to match up every single symptom and assuming one is different therefore it could be a misdiagnosis, is not recommended because everybody is different. Plus, i don’t get half the things you described and i am 110% celiac. Prayers.

  2. You should get tested. Constipation is atypical but its possible. I dont get diarrhea like most celiacs.

  3. YES! I had more of the constipation type of issues too along with other symptoms that I didnt know were symptoms

  4. Constipation is what I deal with and I have Celiac.

  5. Pllease get tested as soon as possible. My 3 siblings and I all have Celiac, as well as our children. Because my bro did not appear to show symptoms of the disease earlier in life, he dismissed it. At the age of 60, he collapsed from kidney failure and COPD. His doc told him his declining health is a result of Celiac. Autoimmune disease is serious. The writing is on the wall for many of us. The sooner we address it the better. BTW: I have had all the symptoms you described. Classic Celiac indeed!


    Yes !! I had all those symptoms, and I was diagnosed in Oct 2012 \nAnd have been GF since NO cheating and I still have some of those . But I feel So much better !

  6. Get tested. Everyone has different symptoms. I had similar to yours. Positive for Celiac. Been GF since and majority of my symptoms have disappeared.

  7. I am now off of gf grains because I was sick every time I ate them. I was not aware of the cross contamination issue. I have much relief.

  8. I’ve heard that you have to have gluten in your system for a Celiac blood panel to even show a reaction to it. Does this mean she SHOULD have some gluten before she’s tested?

  9. Yes, gf? Get tested us iffy!

  10. I had major constipation before I was diagnosed with celiac and Dr’s didn’t believe I had it because I didn’t have diarrhea…but I alas I had it…when I cheat I get so constipated again…we are all different… symptoms vary from person to person. ..

  11. What does a positive diagnosis tell you? Would it mean you are more careful? How does it change your opinion of your food choices? Would it be easier if you felt truthful telling people you have celiac? \n\nIt is easy for us to say go get tested. Actually doing it has to be a choice that you make

  12. I have asymptomatic Celiac. You should get tested since your family members have it.

  13. Odds are really not in your favor I would definitely say yes.

  14. Get tested. You have lots of symptoms.

  15. Sounds like you feel better on the diet. I’d say stick with it, unless you want to get tested first for a diagnosis. But even if it were to come back negative, you already know you feel better on a gluten free diet.

  16. It can be hereditary so I think you should get tested though you probably already know you have Celiac or a sensitivity. Mine is hereditary.

  17. I have been tested… no celiac. My son has celiac. I had all the symptoms you listed and went gluten free. I feel so much better! I do have thyroid disorder and still get very fatigued and occasional symptoms but not like I used to. Guessing more gut healing is needed.\nIt is a hard choice to make to eat gluten on purpose just to be tested but you won’t get the proper diagnosis unless you do it. Good luck.

  18. Yes, because it is hereditary and you have grandkids. It is very important to know who the closest relative with Celiac is AND how many in the greater family have it. This information helps the Drs with treatments, especially if GF diet does not work and with the new treatments that are in the pipeline.

  19. Sounds like you have it. You should get tested.

  20. Yes definitely. I had constipation, and was overweight, absorbing fat but not nutrients. Was told over and over I didn’t have it. Got so bad I had surgery (see my other post) gall bladder wrecked, part of liver removed. You must Absolutely get sorted!!! EVERYONE is different. Good luck.

  21. My GI doc said whether it’s moving fast or moving very slow, it’s still an issue. Normal is normal. Personally, if you feel better without Gluten, why put yourself through the misery!

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