Celiac Disease and bar?


I’m planning a vacation and I was wondering if any of you go out to bars? I have been so nervous that I have yet to go to one in my area, but I figured going to one on vacation would be nice. Should I throw out that idea? Is it safe? I know what drinks to stick with, but I wasn’t sure if anyone has had issues (ie dirty glass or something)

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  1. I haven’t had any issues going to bars. I usually stick to angry orchard in a bottle, if they have it. That way I’m not getting a dirty glass and I know my drink is gluten free. But a dirty glass shouldn’t cause too much concern. No different than a gluten eater drinking off of a glass at home and then washing it or going out to eat at a restaurant and eating off of a plate that has had gluten food on it but washed. Just my opinion.

  2. too true! i’m just a super sensitive and question everything. I read a blog about someone getting sick from a glass, but I wasn’t sure if it was common

  3. Stick to something in a bottle

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