Celiac Disease and Diarrhea


Do any of you only suffer constipation not diarrhea?

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  1. Mr 7 get constipated

  2. Diarrhea for me

  3. My daughter

  4. ME! ITS SO AWFUL! As a child it would take me 8-9 days to go the bathroom, now that I have it under control I go about every other day. If I eat something wrong it tends to be 3-4 days :/

  5. I did when I was younger. Way before the diagnosis.

  6. Yes 🙌🏽

  7. Only constipation. I purchased a board for doing colonic hydrotherapy. When nothing else works. Try aloe Ferrox. Seems to be the only thing that works without cramps and pain.

  8. Mag 07 works for me

  9. Main issue for me…. I see my son is having the same issues and I took him to the doctors to get tested for celiac and they told me that’s not a symptom… I explained he is showing the same symptoms as me and demanded he get tested

  10. Following

  11. My doctor told me i have IBS-M (mixed) when i told him my sometimes i have C & D

  12. It changes from time to time

  13. I usually am constipated. I may go once or twice a week. I have to use something to make myself go. I have found that if I eat more fruit it helps. Every now and then I have a random bout of diarrhea.

  14. I typically get constipated. Diarrhea is rare for me d/t gluten exposure.

  15. Yes..it is a daily battle. If I don’t take herb-lax, magnesium, & fiber pills, as well as eat 5-10 prunes & drink extra water every single day, I suffer tremendously! Forget about eating anything with rice or banana..they are my enemies now!

  16. ME. I have chronic constipation

  17. I get constipated. First it was caused from medications I take. When I got Celiac it became worse 🙁

  18. No. Never have

  19. Yes! So not fun:(

  20. Probiotics do help

  21. My only saving grace has been eating no processed foods. Not even gluten free. Fruits Veg and protein

  22. My hypothyroidism was the cause of my constipation

  23. Me. Usually diarrhea is rare for me.

  24. I suffered from constipation pre Celiac diagnoses, but after I went gluten free it got a bit better.

  25. Yes until I gave up gluten, dairy and animal meat. Now I go daily. I was constipated for most of my life (40+ years).

  26. I went over a month without a bowel movement until they put me on linzess which then gives me massive diarrhea they then switched me to trulance which does the same …. I can’t wait

  27. Mostly yes

  28. The minute I started thyroid meds it got better. Going gf made it even better.

  29. I have both :/

  30. Me. Normally I go between the 2 but mainly constipation is my issue.

  31. That’s the one piece of the puzzle for me that didn’t fit. Just kept hearing diarrhea. I’ve had constipation pretty much for 30 years. I went for 3 weeks in 2008 without a bowel movement. Drs just don’t seem to believe me. Now after 4 days, I’m hurting and my abdomen burns and I have to take something.

  32. Boy what a thread here! I remember in 1980 when I got married and noticed my husband had daily bowel movements, sometimes twice! I remember thinking how odd that was. I didn’t realize I was the odd one. So I’ve had constipation for as long as I can remember. I went thru time I had to take pain meds and drs blamed on that but that hadn’t been the case for past 10 years or the previous 30 years before pain meds. I dunno. I hate having to take a pill to do something that should be so natural.

  33. Me! Getting a doctor to listen was frustrating because they say celiac causes diarrhea, not constipation

  34. For some people… I have had it for 40 years and it has changed a lot over the years… going gluten, dairy and soy free with taking sulfasalazine and drinking only water and tea and limiting sugar has improved my life 100%… \nI wish I had known dietary changes could have helped years ago… There are also self help groups now and that helps too

  35. Meeeeeeeeeeee. I’m more likely to get stopped up than the other way around. 🙁

  36. Yes, sorry to say.

  37. My daughter has this problem. She has to eat lots of fiber. I have the opposite issue and have to be on a low fiber diet.

  38. Eat lots of fruit and veggies.

  39. Yep, IBS associated constipation. Not sure if it’s associated with my Celiac though. Been IBS sufferer LOONG before Celiac diagnosis.

  40. Both my daughters had constipation on gluten

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