Celiac disease and low vitamin d levels


So the doc told me he saw low vitamin d levels. Any of you have this problem with celiacs? I know he’s a doctor and he knows best yada yada haha (I trust him) but he recommended a vitamin d supplement, I’m just wondering what would possibly happen if I took a multivitamin instead.

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  1. Vitamin D is only one of the vitamins celiacs are usually deficient in.

  2. Multivitamins are a little bit of everything but not enough of anything

    Try try drops 🙂 one drop on the back of your hand and lick it off 🙂

    Easy Peasy and you don’t even need water

  3. Make sure it’s D3. I take natures maid 2,000 units daily

  4. I have this… in fact should have tipped the Uber doctors to test me sooner! I take a supplement and just ask my levels to be checked. I’m barely ok with 2000 iu but it’s ok.

  5. Usually multivitamins don’t have a high enough dose to make much difference in your blood level. Get some sun, and take a supplement until your levels normalize

  6. Multivitamin doesn’t have near enough D to make a difference in a deficiency

  7. Generally if you’re vitamin deficient a multivitamin will never be enough vitamin D plus it’s competing with the other vitamins in the multivitamin and doesn’t absorb as well.

  8. My 9 yr old had vitD levels that were on the floor so the dietitian prescribed her a huge daily dose for 6 weeks, maybe more, & the difference in her was amazing! She had lots more energy & was so much healthier too xx

  9. I have a prescription for low vitamin D. It’s 25,000 IU.

  10. Vitamin D is absorbed better with K2 and magnesium. There’s a vit D deficienc fb group with alot of awesome info

  11. Depends on your levels. Usually multi is not enough. I had to be on 50,000 iu once a week for 12 weeks and now 5,000 iu daily.

  12. I am still having issues with keeping my vitamin d up.

  13. Yes I also have to take vitamin d supplements

  14. These are the blood tests your doctor should be doing if you have celiac disease: Blood tests:
    · Low iron levels are common. Ferrritin is generally the best test to measure iron stores.
    · B12 and folate: Anemia due to deficiency in iron, folate, and in rare cases vitamin B12 may be present.
    · Vitamin D (25-OHD)
    Other tests that clinicians may order depending on your condition include:
    • Zinc
    • Parathyroid hormone
    • TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
    • Potassium
    • Serum calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Albumin (protein stores) is suspected of malnutrition
    • Cholesterol panel

  15. Def second ferritin. My daughters hemoglobin and hematocrit were good, but ferritin was terribly low!!!

  16. Very common for Celiac’s to have vit d deficiency I learned the hard way I had 9 fractures in 2 yrs Dr gave me rx for d

  17. Take it with a vitamin D

  18. I take daily vitamin d bec I too am low. My dietician who is also celiac recommended taking vitamin d, iron, and a daily multi vitamin.

  19. Yup! Vitamin d deficiency is super common in celiacs.

  20. Vitamin D and iron deficiency also affected my thyroid

  21. My doc says we need more than the recommended amount.

  22. Multivitamin isn’t enough but of course depending on ur vitamin D level and ur doctors suggestion! Mine is low as well but have not started to take extra yet! I hate taking pills!

  23. Vitamin D is critical for the binding of phosphate and other immune functions. I didnt take it seriously and was hospitalized 4 weeks ago. Definitely follow docs advice about the supplementing!

  24. These questions help me track how long I’ve had gluten problems. Six years ago I had blood work and it didn’t show that I had any vitamin D in my body. Also had bad stomach issues. Doctor said I had IBS. No I don’t think so. Anyways he wrote on a piece of paper cause I also had a bad memory). Take 10,000 iu of vitamin D for three months and then 5,000 forever

  25. Yep I take a little vial of vitamin D once a week. Most people here are deficient anyway (Ireland) due to lack of sun, but I’m seriously deficient according to my bloodwork.

  26. I had to take iron pills and vitamin d vitamins and multivitamins

  27. I can’t function without my vitamin d3 4000 iu daily

  28. Yes. Now taking 10000 units a day to try to get D level back up.

  29. Vitamin D deficiency is SUPERcommon with celiacs AND if you live in an area that doesn’t see a lot of sun for a chunk of the year(like the northwest of the USA for example. Most of us up here celiac or not have some vitamin D deficiency cuz we don’t see sun a lot.) I take a multivitamin and I had a deficiency for iron, vitamin D and B as well as calcium(i take a shot that can lower my calcium levels so that could be not celiac related) and my vitamin D levels went up as well

  30. Yes middle of summer is when they testred me and my vit d was so low now I take vitamins.

  31. Vitamin D is very important for proper immune function so when you have an autoimmune disease (Celiac) and low vitamin D, leaving it low puts you at risk for further immune dysfunction. Plus vitamin D is anit-inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are all about rampant inflammation. I’d say it’s one of the most important nutrients you can get. If you are low, your body is not doing a good job at making it from the sun or extracting it from food- this can be due to genetics or Celiac. With autoimmunity, you want your levels around 70 ish. For your doctor to say yours is low, it means it is VERY low. I’d follow his advice.

  32. I have to take vit d too

  33. I take 50000 once a week. A multivitamin is probably not enough to raise your levels. My dr said I should only take what I need, so no multi vitamin

  34. I am on prescription strength Vitamin D (2000 units a day) as my levels were “nearly nonexistent” when they tested my blood!

  35. I’m on vitamin d have been for 2 years

  36. I found out I was low on D when I got a thyroid tumor and had it removed. D is important to thyroid levels so they check it every 6 to 8 months when they check my thyroid levels. I live in San Diego and I swim outdoors from March to November and I have fair skin and freckles and I still was very low. I take 5000 daily and I have never tested too high.

  37. I am on 5,000 units of Vit. D3 per day. Not enough in multi-vit.

  38. I take 2000 daily plus 50,000 once a week

  39. I take 5,000iu per day in addition to my multivitamin

  40. My vitamin D level was critical but I live in Ohio so not a whole lot of sun compared to say Florida or Arizona. The over the coubter is usually not a high enough dosage.

  41. Yes, me too. They have me taking 10,000 units of D3, Biotin, 3,000 vitamin C and multivitamin.

  42. everyone over puberty should be taking vitamin d supplements for bone and heart health. 1,000 ius to 5,000 ius is recommended base on age and health.

  43. I’m on B12, iron, D, and magnesium PLUS a multivitamin. Added to my handful of calcium, vitamin C and glucosamine….
    At least I’m drinking enough water taking all these pills…

  44. I have very low vitamin D and was told that those with Celiac have lower absorption of Vitamin D and iron. A multivitamin usually won’t contain enough vitamin D. Prescription Vitamin D is 5000 IUs usually. My dr wanted me on 50,000 IUs but they were gelatin so I could not take them. But I did switch to 5000 IUs daily.

  45. Yes – I take a bunch of vitamins plus a multi vitamin. As celiacs we don’t absorb nutrients properly so it’s very common to be deficient in many areas.

  46. Really low vitamin d here! Liquid d3 works fastest but taste horrible!

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