Celiac Disease and Menstruation Question


This question is for the ladies- tune me out guys. I was diagnosed with celiac 3 months ago. I have been eating the right things!!! I am feeling much better even been pain free except when it’s that time of the month. I get the pains- what I call the gremlin in my belly. Anyone have the same issue? What are your thoughts- last month I thought it was cross contamination but now realize it’s a pattern.
Thank you for any advice

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  1. Sounds like normal cramps…

  2. Is the pain on your right lower area of stomach. Wanna say in the area where our ovaries are at?

  3. I have pain all over at that time but I think it is not celiac related, I think it is fibromyalgia.

  4. I get similar pain at that time of the month. Personally I think it’s inflammation and it gets worse that time of month

  5. My stomach use rumble so much it was embarrassing. When I quit dairy products & ate ? it calmed down

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better since being GF! I’m a newbie too. I’m not a doctor, and if you’re having consistent pain—definitely get it checked out. Especially if it’s only around this time of month maybe a OBGYN is a good option? I experience something similar… I have an ovarian cyst that radiates pain on my lower right side.

  7. Same place happens to me usually under extreme stress or inflammation . They almost took out my appendix by mistake but did a last minute ct and rolled me back into the Er. Pre diagnosis .

  8. Same i get really bad cramps 3 years gf

  9. I have this too. It’s also really intense during ovulation. I know it’s hormones for me. My body has an inflammatory reaction to them. I get migraines and the whole deal of inflammatory reactions.

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