Celiac disease and sex


A little bedroom question…..

Does anyone have pains after sex? Bloating, stomach cramps, flair ups and etc….

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  1. Sometimes but I also have endometriosis

  2. Yes. It takes me a full day to recover. Not sure what causes it. Good question !

  3. About 8 years ago I had a laparoscopy.. that’s what I thought all this stomach issues stemmed from….. so I was on the birth control but still had a ton of issues…. I had my tubes tied and stop taking the birth control….

    Every time I have sex the next day I have to be careful how I move because I flair up so quick ….

  4. Happens to me too. It’s rather embarrassing!

  5. Sounds like endometriosis. Join Nancys Nook on FB

  6. Are you having the same pains you would have consume gluten?

  7. Maybe he’s passing gluten to you? Is that even possible that way? Good question…

  8. Only way that could happen is if he kissed you. People who are that sensitive make their partner brush their teeth first. You can’t get glutened by having intercourse.

  9. Every thing I have read said No gluten can not be in sperm, but kissing yes. He must floss and brush really well.

  10. My doctor told me that sperm absolutely can contain gluten if your spouse consumes gluten. So…. there’s that lol

  11. I wonder if they just saying no…. but there are a few cases where it actually can be related….?

  12. No pains, but awful headache. 🙁 Yeah, I know, that’s supposed to come first! 😛

  13. Me!!! I have endometriosis though, which is from my messed up hormones due to my chronic inflammation, driven by gluten. I have found a bit less pain since being gf and bring on a birth control pill helps as well. Hopefully you get it figured out.

  14. I had the same thing as it turned out to be an ovarian tumor. They only found the tumor after an HSG which was part of the fertility work up. PubMed lists tumors as one of the things that can stem from celiacs. Please let your pcm know about this! I don’t know how old you are but I’m 30 and just now trying to start a family, if they hadn’t caught it I would have never mentioned the symptoms and I’d be telling a totally different story.

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