Celiac disease and sugar craving?


I’m wanting to try to slowly cut some sugar out of my diet… but the thing is I love sugar.
Anyone have any suggestions?

I have celiac and have been trying to eat Whole Foods and less processed foods but I’m not finding it easy.

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  1. Maybe start with eating fruit when you get a sugar craving?–from one sugar lover to another!

  2. Replace with raw honey, agave or real maple syrup. Give the paleo diet a shot and go on pinterest they have a lot of tips!

  3. I’ve started taking collagen powder in my coffee or drinks or smoothies. Says it helps cut sugar cravings. Worth a try.

  4. I am so sorry. I wish I could say something really wise. But gluten free is all I can take. I never eat baked goods. I don’t eat much that is really bad for me. I try to limit the sugar. But really an occasional sweet makes life pleasant.If you figure something out, please share with us. My willpower is all used up. LOL

  5. When you have a sugar craving eat protein

  6. That’s what my nutritionist told me to do

  7. I am a sweet lover as well and I am on day nine of eating gluten free and I have been allowing myself to have a couple bites of a Hershey bar or one or two tootsie rolls and that seems to help:)

  8. Sugar is hard for me to give up Trying

  9. I eat a piece of fruit when I crave something sweet.

  10. Sugar was hard to give up..I basically craved it nonstop for about 3 weeks or so and I won’t lie it sucked. But if you can just stick it out and get over that hump it is SO worth it. Now, after a year or so, when I do have something with sugar in it on occasion I have WAY less tolerance for it..like before I could eat SO much sugary stuff and now if I eat a couple bites of something filled with sugar it’s almost instantly too much. Very worth getting past the hard part to get rid of that sugar dependence..best of luck to you!

  11. I started this 2 weeks ago so I had to change my way of thinking, instead of telling myself you can’t eat that, you don’t need that etc I started thinking and planning for things I can have. It has made the transition much easier. Try to eat fruit when you have a sugar craving. The natural sugar helped me! Now if I could get rid of the coke addiction it will be a miracle !

  12. My experience is cold turkey works best. Cut sugar out completely. The first week or two are hard. After that you really don’t miss it

  13. Cold turkey is the best way. Sugar is addictive. Replace it with fruit. Its very hard…

  14. So what do I do when a recipe calls for sugar? How do I replace it ?

  15. I have serious problem with sugar also. If I could afford to buy the dark red grapes all the time I would.

  16. I use maple syrup and honey.

  17. Try Stevia, coconut sugar or pure maple syrup instead

  18. I’m wondering if anyone has difficulty with processed sugar vs. natural sugar? I’ve had three different experiences where I’ve eaten a small amount of candy/baked sweets and the next two days wanted to die!!!! Just curious if anyone else has had this happen?

  19. Yeah, sugar gets harder and harder for me to give up also. I never used to like anything sweet, but I sure do now.

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