Celiac disease from biopsy?


I’d like to ask any of any members in here are Latin origin/ Hispanic and have confirmed Celiac disease from biopsy?

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  1. I’m right here. I started getting sick at 6 years old.

  2. Thanks for commenting ladies. My appt yesterday didn’t go great. My Dr made it seem like since I’m Latina I don’t have Celiac because the Latin community isn’t high risk. I felt like he brushed it off because the positive celiac blood work wasnt high enough for him.

  3. Even though I have northern European blood as well I just felt he didn’t really take me serious. Needless to say I’m looking for a new doctor. I just want to see if anyone else that is Latin has it in here and what their story is

  4. Oh wow. That was never brought up. I don’t believe it though. I seriously think my Grandma, mom, sister and I all have it. I was diagnosed through blood work and biopsy. My sister, mom and grandma were never tested. My sister refuses to eat gluten again so she can be tested. She ends up so sick she has to go to the hospital. My grandma just passed away in May from stomach related issues. I believe she had it but I’m not sure. My aunt can’t eat gluten either but I am not sure if she has been diagnosed yet.

  5. Yes…well through blood work!!

  6. I was told the same thing by my doctor for being black. I think the only reason he’s testing me is because I already previously tested positive for the gene. The idea that it’s a \

  7. I’m Cuban on my mothers side and she had it and so does my sister and myself.

  8. I am newly diagnosed and that was one of my subsequent questions.. Where did I get these genes from. I have been wanting to get a ancestry DNA test before my diagnosis now I think its a must. Trying to put together missing pieces. Figuring out the cause of my 40 years of suffering is a relief, now I can see what normal feels like!

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