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Does hair loss have anything to do with celiac disease ?

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  1. Yes I lost alot of my hair 2 years ago and still hasn’t came back completely

  2. Biotin doesn’t help me either

  3. I started with these products the first week. I had bern seeing a hairbrush full of hair go after every color to my wonderful stylists horror. 5 weeks in we did a color and less than 10 hairs! We and the salon did an actual literal Happy Dance! These were tremendous!

  4. Yes I started taking Biotin and it has helped a lot. I also use Kevin Murphy shampoo. Sometimes I get Loma. Makes my hair feel so soft.

  5. Alopecia which is another autoimmune disorder can cause hair loss.


    Yes, my daughter lost half her hair! Doctor prescribed MSM and it helped… check this out though http://www.gnom-gnom.com/6-home-remedies-keto-induced-hair-loss/

  6. My hair is always falling out

  7. It’s been 8 months since I was diagnosed and have changed my diet. I lost 60 to 70% of my hair in the first 2 to 3 months, 2 before diagnosis and 2 month after diagnosis. It is now growing back though so that’s a plus! So there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was luck that I had extremely thick hair so it wasn’t noticeable to everyone else just my family and I.

  8. Yes – being anemic from lack of iron being absorbed.

  9. Yes it does and didn’t know it…I’ve had alopecia for 21 years and since I’ve went gf my hair is GROWING back

  10. My daughters hair was very thin and dry but with being gluten free since June there’s been a huge improvement! Her hair is softer and getting thicker!

  11. I was losing my hair due to anemia due to celiac disease

  12. I lost lots of my hair and was sooooo slow to grow that I didn’t want to have a hair cut.
    Once I was diagnosed in sept i went gf right away and I cut my hair to shoulder length.(about 8”) now I’m Taking a lot of Vit and biotin 2500mg and living on the hope factor.

  13. I think so. My husband’s hair has come back and thicker, since he is eating gluten free.

  14. I’m trying to find a way to stop it too….tired of my husband pointing it out every day lol

  15. I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism in addition to celiac. One of the reasons they found it was because my hair was falling out. Have you had a full thyroid panel run?

  16. Check thyroid levels

  17. I loose hair but it’s because of the iron deficiency anemia I have due to celiac

  18. Could be thyroid disease I have that it happened to me

  19. Celiac makes you vitamin deficient. So anything you need vitamins for: shiny thick hair, nice nails, good skin, soft poop, good eye sight, clean organs, loads of energy, making babies- yeah, nope.

  20. My son has alopecia. I put it down to the anaemia/coeliac

  21. Sometimes with one autoimmune disease you can have others. It so happens alopecia is an autoimmune disorder. Don’t want this scare you but thought I would put it out there

  22. Yes – if your intestines are not absorbing nutrients your hair can thin and fall out . Celiac disease is a disease of malabsorption . Until your intestines are totally healed and you’ve been adhering to the gluten-free diet for over a year it is pretty likely your intestines are not fully repaired and not fully absorbing .

  23. I have Lupus as well as celiac disease so I’m not sure if it is celiac or lupus?? But I do have hair loss.

  24. I had considerable hair loss right before my diagnosis. My other 30 symptoms pretty much disappeared after 3 days gf, it took 6 wks for my hair to stop falling out. 4 months later I went back on gluten for my endoscopy for a month, it took 2 weeks for my hair to stop falling out after I went back to being GF.

  25. I lost over half my hair but figured it was from stress/ rapid weight loss and my thyroid. The new hair grew back curly!

  26. Yes it’s common.. sometimes hypothyroidism is responsible too.. hypothyroidism and celiac/gluten intolerance can go hand in hand.

  27. I feel like a lot of auto immune diseases do. It took me a long time to find the right products to combat this. I tried so many things that didn’t work before finding the right one!

  28. Im loosing lots of hair and im 7 months gluten free but my iron is super low my GI said

  29. Prior to my awareness that I had celiac disease, I got a silver dollar sized shiny hairless patch of scalp and was diagnosed with alopecia areata. It should have been a clue, but it still took a long time to figure out that it was due to celiac disease. It grew back in that same year and I haven’t had a recurrence since I’ve been gluten-free.

  30. I always loose hair like crazy after being glutened. Thyroid levels are normal. Just Celiacs, I guess.

  31. Yes. I see the same condition in undiagnosed children

  32. Ck with your doctor to see if you can take Biotin.. I know our systems don’t absorb but a little is better than none- you can have 10,000 MCG a day .. MCG… it’s great for hair, nails & skin… my nails have major ridges and flip back if I don’t take…I am a Barber/Cosmetologist..

  33. Yes. After you have been on the diet and heal, your hair should become thicker

  34. Yes, my hair had been finer and thinner. Once diagnosed through positive bloods and endoscopy and following a gluten free diet, more volume, thicker hair and new fine hair coming back on top, slow process as you can imagine as your villi has to heal to absorb the nutrients to grow thicker and healthy hair but definitely improving each day.

  35. Yes, yes, yes! I am 11 months gluten-free and diagnosed Celiac. I have always had long, full head of hair. But since getting extremely ill and finally diagnosed Celiac my hair has suffered tremendously! I now have super short hair do to major hair loss 🙁 My hair became so brittle and damaged the only solution was to chop it all off! It’s been 2 months since I cut it short and it has barely grown at all 🙁 I am taking Biotin, Magnesium, B12 and Probiotics but its a slow process of growth….

  36. research alopecia\\

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