Celiac Disease not an allergy!


So for the first time since I was diagnosed in November I freaked out. I went to Five Guys last night because I saw the post about them being a “safe” place to eat. Well I ordered the bowl and explained I have CD. The nice person that took my order told me the process of how my food would be made. I guess he could see the worry on my face since I was watching them like a hawk. I apologized for my anxiety. He said he would make it for me. He did just that. While waiting for my order I could see everything going on. I saw one guy change his gloves and lay down a piece of foil. So I thought that must be mine. As I watched the same guy was making others orders. He then touched the foil to slide it down.OH MGEEE my chest tighten and my stomach turned. I felt an anxiety attack coming on. Then I heard him ask the guy that took my order to make “the allergy”. So he did he even shouted “changing gloves” everytime he did. Not sure if it was because I had not taken my eyes off the kitchen staff or the worry on my face. The man that ordered behind me saw this too. So he tried to distract me by asking was that for me and what was my allergy? I snapped and said I have Celiac Disease not an allergy!
Once I got my food and got to my car I broke down. Not sure if it was the experience or the stress. This is a first for me. I told my boyfriend about it and he was sympathetic about it all. He is very cautious about everything when it comes to me. He has been there holding my hand since day one. So he said he will go and get the food IF we ever order from there again.
So bottom line what was supposed to be a break from the kitchen gave me a few more grey hairs. Thank you for letting me vent.. only you guys truly understand!!

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  1. I hate ordering out and feel bad that I can’t eat at some places, but we have a local deli that makes GF hot or cold sandwiches and now has a desperate grill for GF orders only it’s only place I feel ok to order from now

  2. I get it. First time I ordered at Jersey Mike’s I watched like a hawk too. They were very good, now they know me. I’ve learned to make a joke out of it to ease the tension, mostly mine.
    I say “I’m Real allergic not LA Allergic” everyone seems to take extra care of me when I say that.

  3. It’s always worse when your expecting a break, sorry about your experience:(

  4. aw hun ? i know that exact feeling when i went to jersey mikes, they didn’t wipe down the meat slicer like they usually did and i went into a panic attack and my boyfriend had to talk to them. it makes you feel ashamed, embarrassed and a burden. hopefully in a few years i’ll harden up a little bit and speak my mind

  5. I can’t deal with it so we rarely eat out. We are going out of town (Henderson/Las Vegas area) for 3 days soon and I’m already starting to feel anxious.

  6. Don’t worry, it will get easier! Especially if you visit the same place frequently and build up a good rapport. My anxiety overall has reduced the longer I’ve been gf, hopefully yours will too!

  7. I never order out but I get anxiety about food all together. I live with my mom right now and I am the only one gluten free , I have to clean and make the kitchen celiac safe because they don’t do it . I had a break down not even an hour ago because there was noodles in the sink , my husband went running to the kitchen and finished making it me safe because I was unable to handle it .

  8. I totally get it and I handle it the same way for my son. I’m a ball of nerves IF he orders out. Honestly, we’ve had Moe’s twice and I think he was glutened the second time despite their hard work. That was the last time in the last 6 months. Now it’s only a frosty from Wendy’s as a treat for him if we order out. Only 1 of 5 has celiac in my house.

  9. So how was the food?

  10. BRAVO!
    I especially love this “I snapped and said I have Celiac Disease not an allergy! ” You go girl! The more we explain it properly, the more acceptance we are going to find in this world.

    And it is totally OK to snap at anyone. I don’t see that you punched him in the nose. That would be pretty bad. But really, it is very rude to just interrupt someone whose trying hard to get their food made safely. There is nothing wrong with being cross with strangers. You have every right to feel your feelings.

    It will get better. As you get your feet under you (and you appear to be doing that well so far), you will gain confidence. That will empower you. Empowerment brings calm.

  11. I absolutely would call it an allergy! It’s the only way people understand how to handle food.

    Restaurants have an “allergy protocol”, and I appreciate them referring to it as such because I want them to take it seriously.

    I’ve eaten at places like that and have yet to get sick.

  12. Omg. He touched the foil??????? Seriously?????????

  13. I just went there tonight for the first time. They did not change gloves. He handled hamburger buns and then took the lettuce out for my lettuce wrap. I asked them to change gloves and replace the lettuce. They did but they didn’t care. So disappointed and will probably get sick from this 🙁

  14. Yeah reminds me of my Five Guys experience on vacation in Palm Beach Shores. Found it on the Findme Gluten free app then showed up starving hungry and got in line. Watched them using the same utensils, despite my us telling them it needed to be strictly gluten free. I had to walk straight out of there. The staff could not have cared less. I have never ever been to a Five Guys after that. Never will either. They are not to be trusted.

  15. My son has celiacs and it’s too stressful to eat out he was diagnosed in December much easier for all of us to cook at home

  16. Lol tonight in a restaurant I was asked “oh are you SEVERELY celiac?” I exercised restraint and replied that there’s really only one severity level of celiac. I got a burger no bun with a side salad. I have eaten here a few times, the only thing in their kitchen that uses flour is buns and sandwich bread and they do that assembly in a separate part of the kitchen (most restaurants/pubs in my city are moving towards this) so it’s always been fine, I just get bummed when people are under the impression there’s a “less serious” celiac disease

  17. I’m new to CD and gf living, and went out to eat for the first time last week. It was horrible. I was so miserable and anxious and embarrassed the whole time. Ended up getting sick anyway. I don’t think I’ll go out to eat again. 🙁

  18. It’s normal for five guys to shout changing gloves when making a fully celiac safe order. I have severe social anxiety so I can’t even go talk to people but my husband does go in while I wait with the dogs in the car and he says they do this and he doesn’t even watch thier every move. I hate that we have to tell people it’s an allergy to even get people to take us seriously and I also hate the gf fad diet that makes people think we don’t have that serious of a problem. It’ll be better for your overall health if your boyfriend could order for you in the future.

  19. I only order from 100% gf restaurants now. I dont trust the other places they had cross contamination..

  20. Had a very similar experience at MOD pizza. Won’t go back ??‍♀️ as much as they try to keep GF safe environment there are too many people back there touching the stuff for it to be safe.

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