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Pregnancy question:
I was diagnosed with Celiac end of June. I did good going gluten free the first few months, but I’ve been struggling lately because I don’t have time to cook GF while in school, and being exhausted from being pregnant.
I don’t know if any of you moms struggled with this, but this pregnancy I have lost 15 pounds, not gained any. I feel really weak and I’m not sure how to gain weight. I think a big part of it is I’m not absorbing food like I should since I’ve been eating gluten on and off for about 2 months. Is that possible? Any ideas on what I can do to gain weight?

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  1. *Note – This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first time struggling with this. It’s also the first time being pregnant while having Celiac.

  2. There are plenty of simple and naturally free gluten free recipes. Such as crock pot meals. Pot roast, carrots, potatoes. Etc. or if you have an insta pot….

  3. To gain weight… can you tolerate dairy? What about a milk shake or two a day?

  4. Pasteurized Aloe Vera juice might be of help. I get George’s off Amazon.

    2 oz, 2x’s a day.

    It will sooth things and help nutrients get absorbed.

    Good luck!

  5. Unfortunately if you are sensitive to gluten… you have to be gf. Not sometimes.. all the time… all it takes is one crumb to cause symptoms. Focus on your baby’s health if you can’t do it for you.

  6. Unfortunately, besides absorption issues Celiac can also cause fertility issues. You need to be totally gluten free if you have Celiac.

  7. You need to be completely gluten free. It is a “make time for it” thing. People die from this disease, and if you are too malnourished or anemic you can put the baby’s health in danger. Make an appointment with your Doc to run some blood tests for nutrients, and book a nutritionist NOW to help you figure out your diet.

  8. Like the others have said…you must be gluten free ALL the time. I was pregnant with my 3rd child and lost him 2nd trimester. That’s how it got the ball rolling to get a celiac diagnosis for me. Because of my undiagnosed celiac, i lost my son. I got pregnant a 4th time, stayed gluten free, and i have my sweet, thriving, little boy.
    I didn’t gain much weight during my pregnancy, especially at the end. My son was growing, but I was losing my own body weight/inflammation because of being gluten free. As long as your child is growing as he/she is supposed to, and your vitamin and nutrient status is good, don’t focus on your actual weight.
    Being pregnant is exhausting, but if you aren’t giving your body what it needs, you’re going to exhaust yourself even more.
    Smoothies helped me. You can add fats like coconut oil. You can add full fat yogurt too.
    Baked meat, frozen veggies, and mixed fruit salads are great quick dinners. I always made a large meal for left overs the next day.
    Hard boiled eggs are quick and easy. Scrambled eggs and potatoes. If you need anything, you can message me. You’ll get through this.

  9. Kate Farms GF protein shakes…higher calorie and protein. Try to drink 4 a day if you can. Try to eat frequent snacks…nut butter with chia seeds, trail mix, Bolthouse pea protein milk if you don’t do dairy. Aloe Vera for gut healing and nutrient absorbption. Most importantly you must go completely gluten free.

  10. lots of gf microwave meals for me…im pregnant, have a toddler, work, school AND celiac to all balance out! home meals should be focused on cooking, but if you’re out, just stock up on gf frozen burritos or pack a pb&j. it’s really the same, just with more planning!

  11. also, every time you eat gluten, you are sending all sorts of toxins into your blood stream, which your body then attacks wherever they land. This could easily be transferred to the baby, and your immune system can cause a miscarriage. It’s not a part time thing, even cross contamination is a big deal when you’re pregnant or any time. Celiacs is a disease, not a lifestyle choice like just being gluten intolerant.

  12. What type of food are you preparing that’s easier or quicker than gf food? I get that fast food /eating out would be limited but it’s fairly easy to make healthy meals with meat, veggies, gf pasta, rice etc. Last night we had a shrimp stir fry… shrimp, Rice, veggies (mushrooms, peppers and onions) gf soy sauce. Dinner in 15 mins. Tonight we run to dance after ccd so we have like 30 mins to cook and eat. We’re doing baked potatoes (in the microwave) with fixings (my daughter likes cheese and broccoli) with a side salad. Simple fast and fairly healthy. Another one that she loves is chicken quesadillas. I use th corn tortillas. Throw in some cheese and chicken and veggies and that’s another quick meal. Just some ideas.

  13. http://orthodoxandvegan.com/tag/pea-protein-shake/ This saved me when nursing \nMake a batch of 3 or 4 and keep it in the fridge and when you need nurishment take a swig!

  14. Please be careful. People with untreated Celiac disease (those who are still eating gluten) are at a higher risk of developing cancer. I don’t have any advice for you, but I hope you start feeling better.

  15. Make dinners on Sunday. I have 2 crockpots, so I always set them up, then cook something in the oven and on the stove. Preparation is key. Even if you just get crockpots going, there’s 2 meals you can portion up for you to eat quickly.

  16. Baby takes from you, so it’s not uncommon to lose weight. Has your doctor been of any help in ways to gain weight/advice in eating gf? Have heard carnation instant breakfast drinks are a great way to get more into your diet. (Not the chocolate malt however) Obviously check first

  17. drink a protein shake in the morning and stock you bag/car with protein bars and granola bars – I drink koia protein shakes but I’m dairy free, if you’re just gf there are lots of options, think of it like you’re drinking one of those Ensure drinks

  18. Thanks for the comments everyone. I didn’t know any of that information. My gastro just told me to eat gluten free without explaining why. I still don’t understand this disease at all. I also have crohns disease and a liver disease, so there are foods I can’t eat already. It’s hard to add an even larger list of foods I can’t eat. I hate this disease and I hate everything I’ve eaten that’s GF. It all tastes like crap. It’s just been a hard transition :'(

  19. I’m in the same boat. 10 weeks pregnant and I keep losing weight. I’m exhausted all the time
    And I have really bad food aversions so there isn’t much I want to eat. I bought some ensure shakes and I can at least tolerate those so I’m hoping it helps. I also found a brand of soft pretzels that are Gf that you just heat up in the microwave. Not the best nutrition but better than not eating at all. Good luck!

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