Celiac disease, restaurant managers and servers.


Question for all the restaurant managers and servers. What can people do to make your lives easier and insure they don’t get glutened when we go out to eat? What should people do beforehand or when they arrive and what should they say?

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  1. If I may, I am not a manager or owner but just had this experience and what a great one it was.
    When I went to Doc Fords ( been many times before but this is a new policy) the hostess asked if there were any allergies they needed to be aware of.
    I replied I had gluten and a few others . She reached for a gluten free menu option and handed it t me and said the manager on staff would be alerted.
    Once we sat down within a few moments of drink orders- the manager came over inquired about the allergy- I explained my personal situation and her response was: I will alert the kitchen staff so they know to use separate gloves and the designated cookware
    I didn’t order anything g that would have been a concern t begin with but just knowing the steps taken made me feel more easy about eating (it all?) and not be concerned about an issues.

  2. in florida – Bolay.

  3. I’ll have to check them out… I’m in Tampa area all the time…

  4. Woah , they are in Ft Meyers? We have a family condo in Naples sooooooo

  5. Also ,don’t forget to put a great review on FindMeGlutenFree.com

  6. I work at a cute frozen yogurt, bubble tea, smoothie, coffee shop/cafe. We have a baker who makes amazing pastries, like cakes and cookies! Mostly all of the pastries contains gluten, but we do have two gluten free cookies that we sell. (which are so good ?)

    When getting gluten free things from a cafe type place like this:
    – If the gluten free foods aren’t in their own packages, or if they aren’t separated from gluten containing foods, don’t get it. Luckily all of our cookies have their own jars
    – Ask if the gluten free foods are prepared / made separately from the gluten containing foods, or if they at least try to keep it separate. Our baker makes the gluten free cookies at different times so there’s no cross contamination. I love her
    – Make sure they are using a new glove and/or they have washed their hands, especially if they handled a gluten containing item right before. I always do this but my co workers usually don’t… so always watch!
    – If you’re buying both gluten and gluten free items, ensure they are packaged in separate containers (and with different gloves of course)

    I’ve only had it happen to me once or twice, but honestly, PLEASE be the annoying person who stares at them getting your items. I’d rather the person call me out, ask me to do things, or ask me other questions than them suffer later on

  7. I’m a server at a local family owned restaurant. Unfortunately we don’t have a gluten free menu but I let my gf customers know that everything is made to order so they can customize any dish that we offer. I also tell them if they’re concerned, to stick with one of our delicious salads which can also be customized.

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