Celiac has made me not enjoy going out to dinner


Being celiac has made me really not enjoy going out to dinner anymore…. I wanted a burger and asked for a lettuce bun since I can’t have bread and what I get is rotten lettuce wrapped on my burger. There goes my dinner. I could tell she saw me as the pain in the ass customer.

Anyone else get crap served to them and feel like it’s because you have special diet needs?

Sorry for the rant

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  1. nope-i refuse to go out to eat 🙂

  2. Red Robin has the best burgers and gluten free buns. But you have to pay and extra buck. I usually get other burgers with no bun or lettuce because that has happened to me wayyy to often!

  3. I don’t want to sound like a know it all. However as someone who used to in restaurant kitchens. The staff doesn’t understand it until the right person explains it to them. I was usually the one explaining it to everyone else. Try explain to the server it’s not a preference but a medical necessity. Part of it is the way you address it. Most restaurants prefer you speak with a manager so the manager can ensure your food is made correctly.

  4. I have only been GF for 8 days now. I’m scared to go out to dinner now because I know I will be disappointed and it’s embarrassing. My Sis in law is a server and told me I’m a servers worst nightmare.

  5. I never ever go out. To dangerous and annoying tbh. I hate peoples attitudes, like I’m the one who’s inconvenienced them.

  6. Inn & Out is amazing about it. Tip: get the sauce in the packet on the side, they use the same spatula on the buns. After I told them my allergy, they had only one person handle my order with new gloves on. Yay Inn & Out!

  7. I just don’t go out. I don’t trust any of them. It’s sad. I wouldn’t choose this & I wouldn’t wish it in anyone…

  8. I don’t trust anyone with my food, so I don’t go out anymore. It would be one thing, if it was just a bad day, but it takes me weeks to recover.

  9. Rant away, Nicole, we all get it and feel like that sometimes too. There is karma for wait staff who treat us like that.

  10. Culver’s and Smash burgers. Just had one today!!!! So good.

  11. I only go to places that have a gluten free menu and seem to know what they are doing, otherwise I wouldn’t trust them.

  12. I lie out my ass.. I tell them before that I am so sorry but I am allergic to gluten like people who have peanut allergies so if she could please help me out. It has really helped me. It’s kind of true. It causes us a lot of dangerous damage just not anaphylactic. I am so sick of judgmental people. Most of those servers know about the “fad” part of going gluten free and get so put off and I get that but a real disease that really hurts you. Silent illnesses sucks. I am so sorry you go through this. I seriously just don’t go out anymore. I love cooking though so instead I buy things like lobster, steak, shrimp, salmon and cook it up for a fraction of the price. Or I make a cool picnic meal and go out. I have two little kids and we have all loved going out and love good food. My kids appreciate it so it was a huge shock on our life going gluten free. SO sorry again you are going through this. It’s not fair but we can do it!

  13. I went into sprouts to order a lettuce rap after I ordered. The guy turned around and said to a notheir guy can you believe this broad eating to lose weight when she’s not fat.. I’m a red head and that ignited my fire. I yield your a rud man that should not judge people. you don’t know me or enything about me. And I said I would love to eat bread like everyone else can but I’m allergic, not that it’s eny one’s business. Manger came over said thy we’re sorry and that it would never happen agin..I told them I will never come back and that I dont have to pay someone to treat me so disrespectful. I can make a better lettuce wrap at home and save my money and not be treated like garbage..

  14. Dinner Saturday is barbecue, three places to consider. One got back to me, all but two items gf, yes. Place two takes allergies seriously, separate areas and all. Place three thinks their regular sauce is gf. Guess which one gets chosen? Yep, three, so now figuring what to make so I can eat too.

  15. This seems like a good place to mention that hamburger patties often have wheat in them. I rarely eat them when I go out unless I’m really sure they don’t. And I prefer mine without out a bun rather than most of the GF buns out there!

  16. It is so frustrating. I feel defeated:(

  17. I tell them no bread. Period. Eat with utensils instead of as a sandwich

  18. Rotten lettuce is inexcusable.

  19. Understood

  20. Go to Red Robin for a great burger and bottomless Fries from a designated fryer!\nI am near Rochester NY…. And the stores and restaurants can be very accommodating for gluten intolerance… Just have to go to the right ones…I definitely don’t do diners or bar food menus

  21. Yes!!! I was charged $10 at Schlotzsky’s for less than 2oz of meat no cheese or sauce no lettuce that’s it. The cashier was very embarrassed and offered a free bag of chips only 1 kind was gluten free.

  22. Red Robin did a great job on my burger! And I think they are in the top 10 of GF restaurant choices

  23. Red Robin and Smashburger are both really good about it and they both offer a GF bun if you don’t want lettuce wrapped. I’ve had no problems at either place.

  24. Just the other day I went out to eat with my wife at Ruby Tuesday’s I asked the waiter if they had a gluten-free menu he told me “I don’t know what that is, so we don’t have it” I ask for the manager and a new waiter because I didn’t trust that I would get the gluten free food that I orderediter if they had a gluten-free menu he told me \

  25. I’m a skeleton cause in my college there’s almost no vegetarian and gluten free options. …… I can have a fruit or a potato lol. I can’t even have a latte since I can’t drink milk!! I just wanna due! !

  26. It is so discouraging I know…but take heart…more people are waking up….in a small town nearby me….they have 2 restaurants I can go to safely for gluten free dining….because more people are getting diagnosed.

  27. My celiac card helps tons in making servers and chefs understand irs actually a medical problem and not a fad diet. It explains what happens if I get gluten. Server reads it, then gives it to the chef, then I get the card back and I almost never have a problem with my food.

  28. It is both a blessing and a curse that the gluten-free fad diet had gotten so popular for a little while, and to some extent it still is. thats means we have a lot more choices in food than we had even 15 years ago, but with that also comes a lot more skepticism from the general public thinking that all we’re just doing it for the Fad diet. Buy cheap a before and after picture of myself when I get when I was real sick and we didn’t know what was wrong with me and then one year later and I hsve to both tell and show waiters and waitresses that I have cilleiac disease disease in this is what it can do to me if I eat gliten

  29. I get a hamburger, throw away the bun and do just fine.

  30. Oh the anxiety around eating out! So many people think it’s ‘being picky’. I tend not to even try to eat out, it’s so hard. BUT yesterday my husband and I were out of town for the day (child free) for a specialist appointment. Instead of just having chips from the same place we decided to try every eatery until we found a cafe which would cater for my allergy needs. DOTTY 8 (Orange NSW) had A WHOLE PAGE of gluten free options. They also catered for my veganism (allergy and ethics) without a blink. They are happy to cater for kids too. We’ll be back. You just have to keep looking until you find one you can trust.

  31. Depending on where you live, Find Me Gluten Free helped me locate Dedicated Gluten Free restaurants and now I only eat at those.

  32. All of the time. I just find it easier not to go out. I only have about two restaurants I can go to. Chipotle is good because I watch them make it and they change gloves and everything

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