Celtic sea salt and Himalayan sea salt?


Sorry for the silly question, but what is the difference between Celtic sea salt and Himalayan sea salt?

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  1. Himalayan salt is in some eyes contaminated. They both have minerals you need. I use the Celtic sea salt. My preference.

  2. Oh jeez. Everything seems to be contaminated.. I was using just plain old sea salt. That's bad. Now pink Himalayan is bad.. Ugh. Thanks for the info though!

  3. Where is the evidence on that Catherine? A lot of us on here use hymalian salt.

  4. I read that Celtics sea salt is contaminated. ..geez!!!

  5. Celtic is suppose to be harvested from the current ocean,himalayan from ancient deposits. I would think celtic would be the one more likely contaminated.

  6. I'm so confused I'm going to go eat chocolate….LOL!

  7. Yes! Chocolate! Good idea!!

  8. I love chocolate! 😀

  9. Do what you feel best. The whole world is contaminated. I have read different articles and have come to choose Celtic. I could debate on the subject all….day…long.

  10. True, it is all contaminated. Nothing is as it was long ago. :/ I just try to pick which is the least contaminated…like cocoa over milk chocolate and pare it with something yummy…like avacado (avacado truffles!). Magnesium and protein all in one bite. And no guilt there! 😀

  11. Ooh Nicole Stasinos do you have a recipe?

  12. I love the chocolate idea!

  13. What I have heard about himalayan is that it could be contaminated based on the practices used to extract the salt, that is, it could be contaminated with explosives. I used both. Whatever I find when I''m looking for it.

  14. I use Real Salt from Redmond. Mined from an ancient sea bed in Utah. My horses get the same stuff called Daily Red. Lucky for me, I never have to buy it because when I order my 25 lb. bucket for the horses, they send me free Real Salt!

  15. I love Redmond real salt. I crave it!

  16. Never heard of Redmond real salt… Have to look into that!

  17. Celtics is 83 percent minerals and hymalayan is like 73 percent. Both are better than table salt which has 2 percent.

  18. Where does everyone get their Celtic and Himalayan salt?

  19. Apart from the way the himalayan salt is mined some is dyed.

  20. I've heard that both contain 84 trace minerals

  21. Air is contamintated, but I'm not going to stop breathing because of it. Worrying about everything being contaminated causes uneccssary stress.

  22. ain't that the truth, Chris!

  23. Lisa Lowy where did you read this?

  24. Exactly Chris Black…..And the stress brings down our maggy!

  25. The different kinds on unrefined salts have slightly different mineral profiles.

  26. Why dye the salts? So they look prettier to the eye?

  27. It's good to try both and see what suits you best. I have purchased them in rotation several times and finally figured out that celtic sea salt is way too dehydrating for me. So now we stick with Himalayan. Most people will develop a preference for one or the other over time.

  28. Hawaiian black salt is dyed.

  29. What is Touchwood, a brand, Aditya?

  30. (I have heard touchwood used before as a figure of expression just like knock-on-wood.)

  31. I think all these salts are great. Did read an analysis that showed the highest mag in the celtic sea salt. But they all were close. The Himalayan is not dyed. I use it, because around here the celtic is super expensive. But going to start using my horses redmond salt I think. The Himalayan horse salt is hard to chunk up. I buy loose for my horses but its pricy.

  32. Ohhhh! Lol!! I'm slow sometimes!!

  33. "I'm so confused I'm going to go eat chocolate"


  34. http://empoweredsustenance.com/unrefined-salt-brands-compare/
    Just know your source of your salt.
    Oh, and my favorite chocolate is Theo…

  35. Aditya Goenka, where do you get your Himalayan salt from? I have been using the original Celtic Sea salt for a long time because I have read several articles that stated Himalyan salt sources can be very questionable. One even suggested that you could be eating road salt from Pakistan, so I was afraid to use it.

  36. As long as it's dark chocolate ladies! We do need it for our magnesium

  37. I just had a handmade dark chocolate truffle

  38. Catherine Sprotberry thanks for that link, good blog and info on these three salts!

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