Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt safely?


This question is about salt and the Congestive Heart Failure salt restricted diet. If you have CHF, should you really leave all that salt out? Can you have Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt safely.

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  1. I would, if it were me, but I'm not a doctor.

  2. Would like to hear thoughts on this too.

  3. It's a myth. It's the isolation of the NaCl and lack of other important minerals and trace minerals that causes hyoertension. You need a balance of Na, K. Mg. Ca, etc for ions to exchange freely.

  4. I know this but my mum's doctor has her on very strict sodium restricted diet! I figure she's going to start having problems from that messing her up! Machiavellian!

  5. Do NOT do a sodium restricted diet! It put my husband in ICU. A Dr. there warned him to eat his salts, ALL kinds and often. He's doing great.

  6. Many years ago before I knew my husband, his paternal grandmother's doctor put her on a sodium restricted diet and she ended up having a stroke (because of the lack of sodium) and subsequently died.

  7. I would steer clear of the salt loaded processed foods.anf eat whole salt home prepared whole foods.

  8. The problem with salt comes when meds are rxed that affect electrolyte balance. If a patient is on diuretics and thinners…its a real challenge to try to do anything to counter the effects.

    The meds are a mess. Trying to get s doctor to try to not use them, or taper off…ugh.

  9. Sierra Hayes ….Amazing info on proper hydration and mineralization of the body….the importance of salt in its natural mineralized form and the dangers of the table salt we/I grew up on….natural methods discussed to thin the blood and help lower blood pressure …..time well spent watching the video….
    I also noted the mg content (3types) in Celtic sea salts…I just got a five pound bag last week….thanks for posting the video…

  10. Richard Jones, I was fortunate to learn of Barbara O'Neal's lectures when Chris Boyce first posted this particular lecture. I also learned a lot too. The link Iposted is a playlist of other Barbara O'Neils lectures on it. I'm happy you watched it 🙂

  11. Where could I find her other lectures…..
    I'm on a diuretic and a beta blocker and I'm hoping to eventually get off them….I take potassium as well….I was put on them for high blood pressure and because I was retaining water…..I have my dr. Appointment April 27th and I want to discuss my goals with him….with some knowledge ….

  12. Found them….thanks

  13. What videos?

  14. Above there is a link, I watch the video but she has other videos

  15. Ammi – Sierra posted a link to a you tube video above and there are many from Barbara O'Neil. Love them all, learned lots.

  16. Thanks Chris Boyce I'll check that out in the morning, I've watched two of his podcasts already…..very informative….

  17. There is a book "Salt your way to Health" by Dr Brownstein.. Sea salt is not just salt but trace minerals. Celtic salt has lower Na than Himalayan.. so it is safe to use Sea salt in moderate amounts even in CHF patients.. Us Nurses did not learn that in school. 🙁

  18. The good salt is either pink or grey with pink flecks in it. My understanding is you can use as much of that as you want as it's minerals feeding your body. Any white salt, including white sea salt, has been processed too much and is detrimental to us.

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