Certified gluten free sugar?


Has anyone found a certified GF sugar? I couldn’t find one at the grocery store. Some were labeled GF, but not certified.
Edit: Don’t know why I didn’t anticipate initial comments. So, to be more specific, I am asking this question to those of you who worry about cross contamination and thus make no assumptions.

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  1. trying to think of why sugar might be gf/non gf. I can’t imagine it offhand.

  2. I just use sugar…

  3. All regular sugar is gluten free from my understanding.

  4. Typically (at least when I did an inventory for an audit at Holly/Imperial sugar which also makes a lot of the off brands too), sugar is processed in a plant all by itself so there is not really a chance for it to have cross contamination.

  5. And on a side note- here’s what made me think about it. I watched a show on honey and you wouldn’t think that’s naturally gluten free but some companies are adding fillers to their honey to make it cheaper. Don’t know if they do it with sugar but you never know.

  6. I have not found a certified gluten free sugar, but when I first started researching sugar, I was shocked that not all sugar is just sugar. Some contain bone charr through the refining process! The brand we use is called Zulka. I wanted a non refined sugar, minimally processed, from a company that ONLY produces sugar, no other products. I’m sure they have an option to contact them on their website. We really like that brand, I hope you find what works best for your family, and share your findings with us!

  7. Here is Canada, in the organic section where they sell sugar that is from organic and fair trade sources. One of them is ‘Just us’. https://justuscoffee.com/ They may not label their products as GF, but I know I can contact them and get answers on how their products are made. If you are concerned with CC, you could look into small distributors that you can speak to. What concerns me more is when the sugar is pilled beside the bags of flour.

  8. Husband sent me a pic of the sugar at his office, this is Dixie Crystals sugar! Contact info is in the picture, so you can get more info from the manufacturer too. I am pleasantly surprised to see such a conscientious label on a mainstream product

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