Ceruloplasmin is a transporter for copper, correct?


Maybe I should know this, but I don’t. So, could someone explain it to me? Ceruloplasmin is a transporter for copper, correct? What does that mean? Does it transport copper INTO the cell? I ask because I found a copper made by MotherEarth Minerals, Inc. It is a sublingual that is angstrom sized and is suspended in negatively charged water. Dr. Ott with the company explained it to me that the fact that it is so small and in negatively charged water is what enables it to be able to make its way into the cell without a carrier. The negative charge has the cell draw it in like a sponge. Are carrier and transporter interchangeable words? I realize that the unbound still would need addressing, but this would allow the cells to have copper available to them more quickly while addressing the unbound copper situation. tia

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  1. Morley Robbins, if you could please share your views on this, I would be oh so appreciative.

  2. I would recommend staying away from this copper(II) good for your plants bad for your body.

  3. I was thinking that ceruloplasm is more like the gatekeeper to keeping copper and iron inside your cells instead of roaming in your body wreaking havoc

  4. I was not referencing Ceruloplasmin I meant MotherEarth Minerals liquid copper.

  5. So, Charles Barker, are you saying that the copper in MotherEarth Minerals isn't the form of copper that we can utilize? Is that cu1+? Can you then tell me what form of copper it is then?

  6. I'm saying all copper in all dietary supplements in all processed food and drinking water cannot be utilized . The only copper that is bioavailable is Cunermuspir or copper (I) niacin only found in MitoSynergy products. I'm aware that is a big statement but I feel the results speak for themselves.

  7. Wow. So I take Std Process copper liver chelate per Morley Robbins . Hum. What say you Morley?

  8. Copper Liver Chelate made from the very stuff of Beef Liver is NOT the same as Copper Sulfate or whatever form is offered up in synthetic supps. And yes, the Cunermuspir is unique in it's formulation to increase bioavailability. I'm absolutely convinced that MTHR NATURE & Charlie Barker have a leg up on BIG Pharma!… 😉

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