Cheerios are not gf?


So I see that people say Cheerios are not gf? I have a box of Honey Nut Cherrios and it says on the box gf? Is it ok? Is milk okay? I am so new to this and feel stupid my daughter was diagnosed and we are on vacation so I am just wondering

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  1. There are no Cheerios that are gf.

  2. All oat flour based General Mills cereal products are unsafe.

  3. Cheerios are NOT gluten free OR safe for celiac!

  4. Hardest thing for me, giving up oatmeal, just too scared of cross contamination from other fields. Not worth the risk

  5. Try Chex. Cinnamon Chex is our favorite.

  6. Thank you all so much! I can’t believe they say it’s gf and it’s not. That’s horrible

  7. some people can handle oats outhers cant same with milk

  8. Is regular Chex mix okay

  9. Coco or fruity pebbles are fine.

  10. touchy subject on here BUT the general consensus is NO!!!! CHEERIOS IS NOT OK EVEN THOUGH THEY SAY GF IDK??

  11. I had issues with it and I loved Honey Nut Cheerios

  12. Gluten free can be an advertising gimmick. Look for a certified gluten free symbol. You can google certified gluten free symbol. I wrote about this issue in my personal blog-

  13. Cheerios = dangerous
    Chex = safe

  14. In Canada they have pulled the gf label. The oats are not safe.

  15. Here’s a breakdown,
    Oats are a rotational crop they rotate out with wheat and therefore get cross contaminated during the growth process. General Mills sorts out the oats from any wheat large enough to find. For someone that chooses to remove gluten from their diet for reasons other than celiac or severe intolerance that can be good enough but for those that have a legitimate reaction there’s still enough gluten to react to, since it’s molecular. Do Chex instead. Milk is fine tho. Also Quaker gluten free oats use the same process

  16. What???? I had not a clue that it wasn’t GF

  17. Not safe! There are other brands which make GF cereal that is like cheerios. I think Nature’s Path but I’m not sure

  18. Sorry it is misleading. Cheerios are a no

  19. My son gets terribly sick from them ;(

  20. I never would have known that Cheerios weren’t GF if it weren’t for this group. I picked up my kid from school one day who had three accidents which was very unusual. I pack extra underwear because he has Hirschsprung’s along with Celiac, so basically he’s a pooping machine. Anyway, he had a terrible stomach ache, diarrhea, and was extremely upset about having accidents. I asked the teacher if he had anything to eat that I didn’t pack. Yes, Cheerios! So, I had to tell them to never give him anything I don’t pack without asking me first! Although I rarely post, I read A LOT. This group has been nothing but educational & helpful for me and how I take care of my newly diagnosed seven year old Celiac kiddo.

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