Chicken liver Q


Chicken liver Q:
Is tasting (or not) the iron in liver anything like tasting (or not) liquid zinc? Usually I enjoy it but tonight it is very iron-y tasting. Same liver, same farm, I’ve been getting this for years….just in case that question popped into your mind

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  1. Leanne—I have no idea, and "no

  2. I will not eat any organ meat—just can't stand the taste or the idea, besides I'm older, and any organ meat means it's full of toxic stuff-probably not if organic, but I still feel that way–silly. Hope someone will respond with an answer to your question—I bet you already know and looking for validation??? 🙂

  3. Organ meats are the same level of toxic as the muscle meat but much more full of nutrition too.
    Clean is better.

  4. I honestly dont have any idea. Would be lovely if our tastebuds had a way of telling us when ee need something or not.

  5. These are pastured and organic

  6. Pastured and organic are very good for you my son eats liver several times a week. I ate some the other day and I felt like I tasted the barn smell. I asked my mom but who I shared it with and she said she didn't taste that. I had been to the farm the day before to get the beef liver and I went in to play with the baby goats and that's where I had smelled the barn. Then it showed up next day in my liver so who knows – i usually can't taste half of my food anyway – I lost my sense of taste a long time ago.

  7. Soaking liver in milk to get the irony taste out is what chefs do.

  8. Are you pregnant? 😛

  9. all the chemicals that chicken eats ( all toxins end up in that chicken's liver)worst thing to eat any animal Liver..

  10. Lynn, you are so wrong. It filters toxins, not stores them. Your body stores more toxins than your liver does.

  11. NO Michael GunnLOL

  12. I buy Bell and Evans organic chicken livers. I don't like regular ones in the regular markets.

  13. Fixed that oopsy Michael Gunn haha

  14. It was either chicken liver AND/OR onions that I cooked up a few weeks ago that made me knod off not once, but THREE times at my desk within just 20 minutes of eating it. Not good. I assumed it was the sulfur so i am avoiding sulfer foods for a while. After having CFS for a long time, i freak out a bit now when I notice certain foods making me fatigued or sleepy. Cant afford to lose any more time to that! =) no way, jose! What do you all cook up with your liver to make it tastier?

  15. I love it with Frank's Red Hot Sauce with garlic and onions….!

  16. Do you "put that $#@! on everything"??? Hahaha

  17. Try liverwurst. My kids and I love it.

  18. Hmmm….i never knew what liverwurst was. Google time…

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