Children with a Gluten Allergy/Celiac Disease?


My little girl is 6 and was just diagnosed with Celiac. I don’t think we’re going to have trouble making the adjustments at home, however, I’m not sure how we will make this work at school and/or daycare! Has anyone had small children with a Gluten Allergy/ Celiac Disease? I hate the thought of her missing out on anything at school because of this. Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Our son was diagnosed at age 5 he is now 8. We always ask his teachers to please let us know about special days/parties ahead of time. We try to provide a gluten free version of the snacks provided at school. We also send extra snacks in for birthdays that are celebrated at school.

  2. We send a box of treats with our daughter to school for special days or parties. If she is invited to a party outside of school we ask the parents if we should send anything for her. Some say yes and others have something special for her waiting.

  3. Thank y’all for the help! Are there an treats that will last that her teacher can store that y’all recommend?

  4. My son is 7yo, diagnosed at 1yo. He keeps extra treats at school for unexpected events and the teachers keep me loop for things they plan or know about so I can provide something similar for him.

  5. I have CD, my daughter has CD and I am a teacher. I have had students in the past with CD as well. You have to be her advocate. Remind, remind, remind! Keep a stock of snacks, cupcakes in he freezer for parties, etc. Most teachers are probably fairly un educated when it comes to dealing with celiac, so educate first, then let them know that you are willing to help out in any way you can. I found a great letter on a blog a while back for teachers, let me see if I can find it and I’ll post the link.

  6. Thank y’all so much!

  7. They have lots of yummy gf snacks at Walmart!

  8. I’m a teacher and I have celiac disease. While I try to let families know ahead of time about celebrations coming up sometimes that’s not always possible. Parents will show up with birthday treats unannounced sometimes. You should give the teacher some snacks that she can eat that way if there is something unannounced she won’t have to be left out. Also, make sure you communicate with the teacher that she is not to eat anything other than her snacks you provide. Sometimes people mean well and look at ingredients and think something might be gluten free when it’s actually not (gluten can sometimes hide in unexpected words in the ingredients list).

  9. I often make a batch of cupcakes and freeze them so if any special events are coming up I can just pull one out and send it off to school with her.

  10. Reminder again, we are new, and this question may not be “ok to ask” but she doesn’t get ill from Gluten (yet anyways) the only reason we knew she had it was because of family members being diagnosed with sever cases and all immediate family was recommended to get tested. If she eats something here and there at school, do y’all think it would hurt? As long as it’s not making her sick?

  11. Pack everything. She will adjust. Send extra for birthdays etc

  12. Yes my 5 yo was just diagnosed 6 months ago. When she’s not in our care I worry. At school she’s not allowed to participate in play doh activities, and when treats are brought for snack for someone’s bday the teachers know just not to give it to her and I have a bag of cookies that are gf she can hVe that we keep there. I know the feeling of feeling bad for missing out. At first it was hard to see her have to “miss out” on the cake and food at parties. But it helps that she now realizes it makes her sick and it’s not worth it. It’s still a work in progress. Hang in there mama! Message me/friend me if you want someone to lean on! You aren’t alone!

  13. Oh, Jessica. I’m just as lost as you are. I was diagnosed just a couple weeks ago and I suspect my ten year old might have it too. I ordered a couple Celiac cook books because I have found a lot of the prepackaged stuff doesn’t taste very good 😜 I would just send extra snacks to her classroom like everyone else said. Good luck to you and your little one ❤️

  14. Nationally I think mandatory must get a lunch gf under the 504

  15. My son has 3 girls (triplets) in his class that are allergic to chocolate. The teacher keeps a box of rice krispy treats in her desk and just gives those to the girls as needed.

  16. Hi! My daughter is 5 & was diagnosed this summer. School was what made me the most nervous, but honestly it’s been fine! If you are able to volunteer, that’s been very helpful. If you can’t though- it’s fine too. I think educating the teachers is key. They won’t think of things like macaroni art work, play dough, or finger paints as being dangerous. I provided my child’s class w gf play dough- but there are only 8 in her class. I think for a public school a 504 plan is key. Also, the teacher has extra snacks for my daughter & frozen cupcakes in case a party pops up.

  17. My kids school a gf lunch menu. Yours may too!

  18. Definitely communicate with her school, teacher(s), and the school nurse. She can be put on a 504 plan to help accommodate her for Celiac.

  19. Following

  20. How do they cope with cookery class at school? This is my worry …

  21. Jessica Lawrence I think my daughter in law could give you a lot of information as my grand daughter was diagnosed at around 4. Kathy Orchard can you give Jessica some information.

  22. Yes my 2YO only have experances with day care but they help follow her dietary restrictions. They even buy her own special stuff, bread cookies, and snacks. The school should be easy. In was worried about child care.

  23. Although my boys haven’t been diagnosed as celiac – they have a pretty profound intolerance. Our school has been amazing. Teachers will text me if there are going to be goodies in class on a certain day, so I can say if it’s okay or not. Also, the other mom in the class with a gf kiddo and I take turns providing gf treats for class parties so they don’t feel left out. Best of luck!!!

  24. My daughter was 5 going on 6 when diagnosed. The GI signed a paper to give to the school. She eats lunch at school and takes her own snacks. She has 3 others in her class and her teacher who are Gluten sensitive. So for holidays I send treats for the 5 of them to share. Being different st this age is good. It teaches the kids about her disease and she learns to cope with it in an atmosphere that isn’t as harsh. As long as her treats that go to school are nut free too the school will allow it.

  25. You will have to provide her own snacks and treats for her.. it’s annoying and frustrating at times but you just have to provide what she can have. Look into setting up a 504 plan with her school for Celiacs for everyone’s safety

  26. Im in this boat as well. My son has T1D and CD. And starting a brand new school next week. Sure hoping his new teachers are as nicr and patient as his old school was!

  27. We wrote a letter to the school explaining celiac and highlighted common misconceptions as well as the importance of cross contamination. I also met with people in person if I knew they were going to be handling her food. For my daughter (6 and diagnosed at 3), we have been packing her lunch everyday for kindergarten. I don’t feel comfortable with her having to navigate the lunch line at that age. As far as your daughter, make sure she is educated so she can advocate for herself. I have no doubt that my daughter will always speak up if something doesn’t seem right. Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions or if you want me to share the letter we sent to school.

  28. Usually you fill out a form that you have to ask for. I’m in high school and my mom had to do the same for me. It makes them required to make me gluten free food for breakfast and lunch.

  29. I got a 504 right away however I didn’t like the way the kitchen staff acted when I went to talk about CC. I now just don’t trust them so I still have the 504 but I supply all school lunches, he has a snack box just for him ( only if someone brings gluten snacks). I also have cupcakes frozen in the nurses office freezer for those birthdays that he can’t have the cupcakes. This way I know what he’s eating and CC is a lot less chances.

  30. The 504 also covers if school is missed, extra time in the bathroom, etc..

  31. I would recommend a 504 plan as well. The school district might need some additional training for staff members so they understand the importance of providing a safe environment. I show a video to her class at the beginning of the year and bring a yummy gluten free treat to share. It allows the children a chance to ask questions. My daughter is very open about having celiac disease and it isn’t something she tries to hide. She can still go to birthday parties and sleepovers, but she just brings her own snacks and treats. It’s not the same, but it is manageable. Good luck!

  32. The idea of having the school nurse keep a couple of cupcakes in the freezer is brilliant.

  33. Get the word out, you would be amazed and touched by how the kids and parents get behind you and make sure they send GF food to school or get in touch preparing for parties. That’s our experience anyway 🙂

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