Chiropractic and magnesium?


I’m reading about Morley, on, (thanks again MJ)for some reason a light just went off. But my question is, did Morley heal his frozen shoulder with Chiropractic and magnesium? This may be the answer to all the pain I’m in

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  1. Yes, he did do just that. And was so relieved, he married the doc and pursued a career change to delve into the depths of the Mighty Magnesium .

    And here we are, some years later, when his scope expanded to the intricacies of the HTMA and the significant issues of Ceruloplasmin.

  2. I can only find a 500 mg mag srt with B6, until we order the Jigsaw. Would it be ok to take 2 at once since Morley suggests 850 or 5x's your weight

  3. frozen shoulder is easily treated with chiropractic. Of course, if its cause is nutritional… both would be ideal

  4. It's funny, but all my chiro visits to a couple different ones sent me searching several years ago. Adjustments would fix my issues temporarily, but always within an hour or two the issues came right back. I remember a couple of times, one a massage and the other an adjustment where the dr. said your terribly tight or you have allot of lactic acid buildup! Hum! So the question was, WHY??? I still think for me it is drinking caffeine and at the time alcohol. I dropped the alcohol but still do the coffee only. No caffeinated sodas or stuff like that. But after changing and taking Mag Malate it resolved my issues plus drinking more water. Caffeine and alcohol are really bad at depleting minerals especially as we age. And bad habits are hard to break. So I still drink coffee and too much and I get a tight stiff neck, so if you drink coffee and get the stiff neck, you will know why!!

  5. I've been suffering with right shoulder and upper arm pain and weakness for a couple months and finally made the Mag-o-hol last week, and after using it spayed several times a day on the area that it's improving significantly! Go Mag!

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