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  1. Not quite the right ratio of a to d. Need 10:1. You would have to call and ask if it is heat treated, if it is there natural vitamins are damaged and synthetic are added back which is no good. Also what type of cod liver is used. If it is inferior like Pollock u don't want

  2. Lots of questions need to be asked

  3. Not much price difference why not order Nordic naturals?

  4. Is a good one for liver issues caused by meds ?

  5. I do know that a practitioner from the company said during their processing it's goes through fermentation. I will ask about the other things.

  6. Jumping in here on this question, is there anything about green pastures I should be weary of?

  7. We used this from a Gaps practitioner and thought it seemed to be of great quality / taste.

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