Coffee alternatives for the coffee lover?


Coffee alternatives for the worlds biggest coffee lover?

Edit: I know that there are gluten free coffees out there. I have had Celiac for a long time I’m just choosing not to drink it. I really am hoping this is temporary!

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  1. I drink coffee all the time I have celiac and no issues with most coffees

  2. Ive heard some cold brew coffees are ok and less acidic

  3. Coffee is gluten free. Some flavoured coffees could have gluten ingredients added I guess. Just read the labels as you do all food.

  4. Loose leaf tea 🙂 I only miss coffee a little

  5. Turmeric latte, Chanca Piedra tea is great…as is hibiscus tea. All wonderful alternatives.

  6. Yerba Mate!!!!!!

  7. I drink coffee no problem and I’m celiac!

  8. Why no coffee?

  9. I have issues with coffee as well. I was reading on one of these groups a while back that people seemed to tolerate organic coffee better than non. I’m pregnant right now so I can’t test it out but will be after I have my baby. In the mean time, I make this hot chocolate and pretend it’s coffee lol. Im so sleepy, but I’ve found having a warm beverage in the morning does help me to wake up a bit!

  10. Golden milk! Its warm coconut or almond milk with tumeric, ginger, cinnamon , pinch of black pepper, scoop of coconut oil and your choice of sweetener. It reduces inflamation. I use honey.

  11. I ran out of this, so I’m sorry that I didn’t have a picture of my own. But this stuff is super yummy and goes with any creamer you have. It’s a coffee alternative. Also, I love drinking Irish Breakfast in the morning. Good luck!

    dandelion mocha

  12. Is coffee a problem?

  13. I gave up coffee. After I went GF, I felt horrible when I drank coffee. It’s been the hardest thing to give up so far.

  14. I haven’t ordered yet, but I hear good things about CrioBru.

  15. I’m celiac and I drink coffee all the time with no issues! I had issues with it when I had my gastritis but now that it’s all gone I’m good!:)

  16. Oh ? wow I didn’t know coffee ☕️ contained gluten! Really does it??

  17. I got glutend last night i had a sleep timr herbal teas ?? felt like i had a flu 1 to 5 am

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