Coffee Keurig cups. They make me deathly sick.


Morning:) Question. Coffee Keurig cups. They make me deathly sick. Anyone else?

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  1. Yes, if it isn’t certified gluten free k cup I got sick 🙁 I eventually quit because of that !

  2. You may have to go to organic coffee beans instead of ground coffee. Read something earlier in one of these groups. Sorry can’t remember which one. If I find it I’ll reshare it

  3. Green mountain are gf

  4. I’m allergic to the plastic being heated up. I drink wide awake coffee kcups because they have a mesh bottom instead of plastic an I’m fine with it.

  5. I’ve been having problems with coffee in general. Had to cut it out.

  6. I had to switch to decaf and green mountain is gf and really good…

  7. No, I am okay with K cups

  8. Ive never had a problem but what about the reusable k cups?

  9. The k cup is fine it’s the coffee that acts like a cross reactor to us celiac’s

  10. Only with green mountain!! Not fun

  11. Never had problems with coffee.. but I drink green mountain

  12. I get really sick with the Tim Horton brand.

  13. I only drink Starbucks house blend and Dunkin house blend. That’s all I will drink. Generics hurt my stomach

  14. OneCoffee makes a certified GF keurig line of coffees 🙂

  15. Coffee in general does. I no longer drink it

  16. Sure, it’s crappy coffee

  17. So maybe try Green Mountain and if it happens with it I’m pretty much done with coffee too?

  18. I have been GF for 4 months and at first couldn’t drink coffee. Later I started having one cup, but it often times still causes discomfort. We were drinking Dunkin Donuts k- cups at home. We were at a hotel this week, and I noticed the coffee didn’t bother me. I think it was Starbucks. After doing some research online, I found this article. I bought some organic K-cups and didn’t react. After reading this article, I would be organic even if coffee didn’t bother me. Eating before your coffee might help.

  19. Thank you!!!

  20. I hadn’t read everyone’s comments when I posted, but I notice that many drink Green Mountain. That’s the one I bought this week that didn’t cause any issues for me.

  21. I put ground ginger or cardamon in my grounds before brewing helps get rid of acid….lots of acid in coffee, i’m used to the taste of the ginger and cardamon its not bad?I can’t give up my coffee…..otherwise I get super tired or brain fog somedays are worse then others

  22. I didn’t know kcups were not GF?! I gave up coffee 6 yrs ago. Just wanted to tell you that you can buy empty kcup inserts to brew organic coffee with (on newer Keurigs I think it looks for the Keurig logo on the top of the Kcup though in order to brew. You might be able to save a label and fake it to brew a cup of your own organic?? Just an idea)….if not, buy yourself a French press and make your own cup and ditch the Keurig!! 😉

  23. Coffee sometimes gives me nausea…😧

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