Coincidence or mag related?


About a year ago I boasted to my husband how fortunate I was at 52 that I am virtually pain free. Although I had bad bad heart palpitations and was riddled with anxiety and panic attacks. Then I discovered this group, testing and magnesium. I am happy to say that my heart palps are considerably less frequent, and my anxiety has pretty much disappeared. HOWEVER I have so much pain now in my lower back that I cant sleep longer for 5-6 hours before my back starts throbing and I have to get up. My wrist is starting to feel arthritic and my shoulder too. Coincidence or mag related? I have read of others who feel sore. What to do now? I take approximately 1000 MG of mag in varying forms.

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  1. Have you eliminated gluten and grains from your diet? They are highly inflammatory and can cause these kinds of pain. My arthritis and lower back pain have all but vanished after going wheat/grain/sugar free almost 3 years ago.

  2. Are you also taking the cofactors for mag, the boron and B6?

  3. I read *8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back* by Gokhale and took the course. It ended my back pain.

  4. How long have you had the lower back pain? Kidney infection or stones?

  5. Kathleen, once u were wheat/grain/sugar free, how long were u on this elimination diet before pain dissipated?

  6. What type of mag is everyone using?

  7. I see a pain management specialist and manage my upper back pain with lidocaine trigger point injections. It's certainly not my first choice but I've tried it all.

  8. Tammy… not a diet; it is my way of eating for life, now. I follow Dr. William Davis's Wheat Belly. The pain dissipated very quickly…perhaps a few weeks. Hard to remember as it is almost three years ago.

  9. Was it hard to find other foods to eat instead? I have a son, JR in high school, athlete & he lives on peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwiches @ lunch. The school lunches r horrid. Not sure what to replace for his meal???

  10. I have never eaten so well as I have these last 3 years. I strongly suggest you read Dr. Davis's books or come over to the Wheat Belly page on FB. There is much to glean from the tens of thousands of folks who have improved their overall health this way.

  11. how do I get the MD to check my magnesium, and do I have a right to have results of so many blood tests results I've had over the last 3 months due to my incredibly high iron deficit?

  12. I had some leg/calf pains in spite of plenty of magnesium and it turned out I needed a chiropractic adjustment, duh. I suffered for a few months, had physical therapy and it was a functional nurse practioner who suggested chiro. Much much better now, I also had a scary TMJ thing with my jaw one night, couldn't chew and sharp pain. I think that was part of being out of alignment as well.

  13. Can we not just get Boron from our foods…like avacados, almonds etc? I was taking a supplement but can't afford to keep buying these things indefinitely…

  14. Ask for the Magnesium RBC test. It has to be that test!! If you are in the USA, you have every right to copies of your medical records. They have a right to charge you a nominal fee for copies. My doc's office just gives them to me.

  15. Eat prunes, Louise Geroge, they are a good source of boron.

  16. Are you doing a probiotic? I thought I was having arthritis symptoms, achy wrists and fingers–this went away when I got more diligent with my probiotic taking. There are studies suggesting the good bugs help with arthritis symptoms and RA in general. These good bugs use minerals 🙂

  17. Louise I eat a lot of black olives and other things that are supposedly high in boron, but on my first visit to an integrative Dr 6 months ago, the labs he ran showed boron was undetectable, so I am now supplementing.

  18. Also consider Earthing. I have been sleeping grounded for 4 or 5 years now, no morning back pain.

  19. I have learned that it good to take manguisuim, phosphorus, and D3 all together is best and in the morning with food, check your zinc levels for b

  20. Also sulfur is good for arthritis and achy joints–lots of research on this.

  21. gluten free is not a cure all for many of us — I did it for a decade and have reintroduced grains again because it was veggies and fruits that were my real issue. Not only that, so many GF products have corn, which really irritates my gut! It is important not to think that one solution is for everyone. This article is extremely important in the debate:

  22. Calcuim also with the above 3.

  23. No one should eat GF products…. they are filled with other crap that will make your blood sugar skyrocket causing inflammation. Grains are poison.

  24. Signs of low levels of zinc, bad breath, low back ache, knee pain, depression, hang nails, and so forth, zinc good to boost immune system, with it being cold season, copper and zinc together displaces iron. All minerals must be in balance in the body.

  25. With joint pain i take glucosamine and chondroitin complex from whole foods, (can thin blood), by rolling my eyes i can see how thin my blood is, do not take at the same time as calcuim and etc, it rebuild bottom jaw, bone broth would help, as well as a good healthy diet, in the season there of, it always good to get all your nutrition from the food you eat if you can.

  26. Not all gluten is created equal, either. Some of it is really bad for you (GMO, chemicals). Other purer gluten (without chemicals and GMO) like in a sourdough bread made with cultures, not so bad. The problem is pure grains don;t really exist anymore due to GMO, Monsanto etc.. I do fine with heirloom wheat, too. Expensive but a pure grain.

  27. For gluten intolerance, see about mercury toxicity.

  28. I am mostly grain free for past 5 years, and my diet hasn't changed in past year. Only thing that has really changed is my intake in Magnesium. I have done the adrenal cocktail, take the co-factors and all those extra little things. My RBC was low at 4.5. It didn't change between 2 tests that is why I am upping my Mag intake, but along with upping it is the the pain I feel mostly in low back. I guess my question is "is it possible for pain to increase by increasing mag intake?" I am awaiting my 2nd HTMA results from Morley.

  29. The bogon should take care of any arthritis.

  30. Lower back pain can be from weak adrenals I've heard. Perhaps cut back on the magnesium? Some with adrenal issues are wise to not overdo the magnesium

  31. I get bad lower back pain early in the morning and I am currently suspecting low potassium and/or manganese as the culprit.

  32. Kathleen, how long until u saw relief from pain?

  33. If you've tried it all, then try hypnosis. The natural anesthesia.

  34. A couple of weeks or so…. been 3 years so not exactly sure. It was fast, though.

  35. It would be good to check for oxalates if you haven't yet. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is great for pain issues.

  36. Look for a chiropractor who does atlas orthogonal treatments.

  37. Try a whole foods detox… that's at least 11 days!! See if that helps.

  38. Fermented cod liver oil caps twice a day, took care of both of those problems for me.

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